Caraval Series Review

Helene Horan '22, Writer

Scarlett and Tella Dragna are sisters and best friends that would do anything for each other. They grew up on stories of a magical show called “Caraval,” a traveling performance filled with magic and games, told to them by their Nana. The series starts when Scarlett receives a letter from the mysterious master of “Caraval,” who goes by the name Legend. Inside are three tickets: one for Scarlett, one for her sister, and one for Scarlett’s fiancé, who Scarlett has never met. When Scarlett arrives on the island, though, her sister is nowhere to be found. Scarlett soon learns that this year’s game revolves around finding Tella, and failing to do so is not an option.

Caraval is a truly magical book series that pulls readers right in. An important part of any fantasy novel is the world-building, which Stephanie Garber does a marvelous job with in the Caraval trilogy. There is also beautiful romance, and the characters have a great sense of humor. The mysteries and secrets in this series are also amazing; the plot twists will keep readers on the edge of their seat. With all the positive elements of the books, it’s no wonder that the series became a hit.

One thing that I was scared about with the second book is that the narrator changes from Scarlett to Tella. I wasn’t sure I would like Tella, but it turns out that she is just as amazing as her sister. To this day, it’s impossible for me to tell which Dragna sister I like more. Although the two are unique, they are both lovable in their own ways. Caraval has become one of my favorite series, and I eagerly wait for whatever Garber will write next.