Alternative Music

Cassidy Locke

March 13, 2017

  People are always complaining how they listen to the same six songs until they get old and then they have to find something new to listen to and the cycle repeats. Or some complain how all the music sounds the same and...

Concerts coming near you

Cassidy Locke

January 30, 2016

Have you ever wanted to go see your favorite artist live? but heard about it too late? Now it is sold out and the resale tickets are way too high or its now a week before the concert and you already made plans on the same day...

Back on our side

Bria Lamonica, Editor-in-cheif

January 15, 2016

The young and successful singer Adele who had seemingly dropped off the face of the earth has made a sudden comeback. Coming out with her first song in the past 3 years, “Hello” she took fans by storm and shocked the world,...

Head Full of Dreams

Cassidy Locke

January 7, 2016

They have seemed to have done everything, toured the world, captured the attention of millions of fans of all ages, won countless awards including seven Grammys out of their 26 nominations and have sold 60 million records worldwide....

Wizards of winter

Jack Cahill '17, Sports Editor

November 23, 2015

What’s Christmas without its music?  On Dec. 3rd, the Washington Township band, chorus, guitar, and orchestra will be holding their Wizards on Winter, two act concert. A portion of this concert will take place during 8th peri...

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