Holiday Open Mic Night


The poster for this year’s modified holiday festivities from WTHS’ Choir.

Ava Scott '22, The Arts Editor

TWP choir is hosting their first virtual open mic night on December 17th . This is a fundraiser event in which all proceeds will benefit TWP toys and Township Choir Parent Association (TCPA) senior scholarships. There will be a variety of live solo performances from all TWP choir grade levels, as well as performances from each ensemble and both acapella groups. The event will be livestreamed via WebEx. Each performer will sing from the comfort of their own home.

“We’ve never streamed a live show before, especially with each performer singing from their own home. It will certainly be a tech challenge, but fingers crossed it all will go smoothly,” stated Joseph Zachowski, WTHS Choir teacher.

The idea for this event was first imagined during a Choir Parent meeting back in October. Parents thought it would be a great idea to host an event like this to raise money for charity, while also giving students a chance to perform.

The event will consist of 30 acts. Out of the 30, there are five group performances, while the rest are solos. One song will be performed by each ensemble (an ensemble is a group of people singing together). The WTHS choir has three ensembles in its program: Chorale, Treble and Mixed chorus. Unfortunately, the members of each ensemble could not meet up in person to record their songs because of the COVID-19 restrictions. Therefore, each ensemble song was virtually recorded by each TWP choir student. The songs were then digitally mixed together to mimic the whole group singing together.

One song will also be performed by each of the acapella groups. TWP choir’s own officer team will announce each performance.

Zachowski encourages people to attend this event. “Live music has been one of the big impacts of COVID-19 restrictions. Live concerts and stage performances have largely been cancelled since March. This event is an opportunity to hear live music, enjoy our student musicians, and support great causes (TWP toys and TCPA senior scholarships). Plus, it will all be done safely from the comfort of both the performers and audiences’ homes.”

The holiday open mic night begins at 7:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased for $10 through the following link For more updates and information on this event, follow @TWPChoirs on Twitter and @twpchoir on Instagram.