Back on our side

Bria Lamonica, Editor-in-cheif

The young and successful singer Adele who had seemingly dropped off the face of the earth has made a sudden comeback. Coming out with her first song in the past 3 years, “Hello” she took fans by storm and shocked the world, showing off the new and highly improved, Adele.

The song “Hello” is a powerful ballad about love and loss, and the power one has in a relationship. The song spoke to many fans, and even though Adele’s song list on ITunes has been dormant for years, this new comeback has everyone running to the nearest store to grab a copy of her new album.

On November 20th, Adele’s highly anticipated album 25 hit the shelves and made a big impact on the music world. Thousands of covers of the song were uploaded on YouTube almost immediately, and even people who do not know Adele have been humming her music in the hallway because it is just so catchy.

The debut single of the album, “Hello” includes piano and guitar to back up her strong vocals and she really does a great job at capturing emotion and passion within her singing. The album 25 is Adele’s “make-up album” as she calls it, because of its more mature sound and tone than her previous albums.

Some of the song titles in her album include “When We Were Young”, “I Miss You”, and “All I Ask”, all obviously center around her past relationships and struggles to cope with pains of the past. Overall, it sends a deep and prominent message and shows a very personal part of herself that she gave away to the fans, which they much appreciated.

According to Adele, part of the inspiration and motivation to produce another album came from one of her idols, Kate Bush, making a comeback during a gig in London, England. Also she was pushed to get out an album because she always had wanted to, but “life just got in the way” so not only was the twitter announcements of her album release music to fan’s ears, but also music to hers.

Adele continues to inspire and shock the world every day with her talent and charism, and her fans await her new singles.