Head Full of Dreams

Cassidy Locke

They have seemed to have done everything, toured the world, captured the attention of millions of fans of all ages, won countless awards including seven Grammys out of their 26 nominations and have sold 60 million records worldwide. They are a band out of London, England named Coldplay and their newest album A Head Full of Dreams is their eighth studio album and it is definitely an album to listen to.

This album is definitely different from anything they have ever done before you can tell they are maybe now trying to reach out to more people with different music tastes. There are more upbeat and dance around the house songs than slower meaningful songs that they’ve had plenty of on their last alum and even albums before that. But not to worry they also stay true to their original sound. But this new sound is perfect some songs such as the first track titled, “A Head Full of dreams” is very psychedelic, this is broadcasting a totally different sound then what they have done in the past but it is very suiting to Chris Martin, the lead singer’s voice

The album cover also gives away to the new psychedelic sound in some of the songs. It is very colorful, with animals scattering the cover, the cover almost looks like you are looking through a kaleidoscope, which is also another title of a song off of this album. The cover alone is also a big change from their normal simple and understated covers of albums past.

There are also some other famous singers lending their voices to their album. For one of the tracks titled, “Hymn for the Weekend” Beyoncé lends her voice on this song, which comes as a surprise for some fans. Chris Martin has revealed in an interview the only artist they would ever want to work with is Rihanna, which they did get a chance to on their Mylo Xyloto. There is another track titled “Fun” which features Tove Lo who is known for her hit single “Habits”.

But not to worry there are many tracks on here such as “Everglow” that still sound like the normal Coldplay we are all used to but this new direction that they are heading towards in their other tracks show a lot of promise.

This album has to be in my top favorite out of all of their albums. Usually I don’t like when artists start to veer from their normal sound, but the way they do it by combining their new sound on some tracks and then keeping their normal sound on some is a perfect way to start to merge to their new sound.  Apart from that I feel like the new sound is a turn in the right direction, it showcases Martin’s voice more than ever before. I would recommend this to anyone who is into more laid back and slower songs with meaning, even though there are still some tracks on here that touch base with the people who like songs more upbeat and fun.