The ten best songs on the new Tai Verdes album

The ten best songs on the new Tai Verdes album

Jackson McCrae '23, Editor-in-Chief

On September 16th popular artist Tai Verdes dropped his second studio album, titled HDTV. Verdes, who is best known for his hit song A-O-K, is relatively new to the music scene. HDTV consists of 20 tracks and is just under an hour long when listened to straight through Because music is so subjective, it is hard to definitively say what is “best”, but here are my ten favorite songs on HDTV.


10: 3 outfits

It is rare for artists to blend multiple styles of music into one song and have success with it, especially when it’s all sung by one person. Verdes switches his voice from upbeat, to raspy, to almost rapping, before completely changing the tune of the song and singing a few slow lines. It all comes together beautifully and creates a cool sound.


9: Shut up.

Many of the songs on this album seem to be designed to create good vibes and this song is no different. The way Verdes spins his words help create an image in the mind of whoever is listening, and it’s honestly a great mood-boosting song.


8: On U

On this song Verdes sings about how love has made him just go with flow and dependent on his significant other. He really captures the whole essence of the song in one line, where he sings, “If love’s a fool, then look at what you done made me.” Overall, the song is great, especially when you factor in the beat and rhythm of the song.


7: Clyde & Bonnie

It is impressive that Verdes can have an album almost exclusively filled with songs about how he feels but give each song a different enough vibe to make it stand out. Clyde & Bonnie doesn’t differ much from a lot of the other songs on the album, but the production puts it over the top.


6: Let’s go to Hell

While it is still a love song of sorts, Verdes goes a different direction with this song than he does with any of the other songs. He sings about how he’d rather be in hell with someone than in heaven without them, because “the Devil can’t hurt me much worse than you.” Overall, it is a little bit outside of what Verdes usually does, but the change of pace makes it that much better



The melody of this song is different from anything else Verdes has put out, but it still suits him. His ability to paint a picture in your mind with his words and rhythm is special and this song showcases that throughout his verses.


4: 100sadsongs

Verdes is best known for his upbeat and happy songs, but he completely slows down his tempo and changes his style with this song. Even while he’s feeling down, he manages to make a great song about how he is “about to listen to a hundred sad songs” to get over someone. In an album full of hopeful songs, this one about the other side of love is the best kind of different.


3: Electrical

Honestly, this is the best definition of an upbeat song. The lyrics and production come together and just create this warm feeling that not many other songs can. It is an immediate add to any playlist, and the fact that this song is only number three on the list is a testament to how good this album truly is.


2: how deep?

The fourteenth track on this album comes in at second place in a song where Verdes breaks down the complications of catching feelings in a modern era of relationships. According to Verdes, “It always starts with a ‘Hey’” and “Turns into conversations talking about ‘What are we?’” It is just a fun song about how he doesn’t know where he stands in his relationship and all the things he would do to find out where it goes.


1: sheluvme

Tai Verdes has dropped some great songs, but this is his best song ever by a landslide. It is the perfect blend of a song about love, good vibes, and a song that will just flat out make you dance. This song is truly in a league of its own, and it deserves to be played on repeat.