Off Planet Review

The cover of the book, Off Planet.

The cover of the book, “Off Planet”.

Helene Horan '22, Writer

Maite Martinez lives a somewhat normal life- if you call being an undercover alien fugitive “normal”. She has a best friend, a mother who loves her, and a job at a diner. When she defends herself against a rude customer, that all changes. Maite is caught by law enforcement and punished with an almost impossible job working on a lava planet. Can she survive her sentence, or will the government be down one less enemy?

Aileen Erin is by far my favorite author and this is the first book in her series The Aunare Chronicles. At first, reading this felt like cheating on my favorite book by Ms. Erin, Becoming Alpha, because this book is just that good. I couldn’t stop reading! In the middle, though, it got a bit slow and it felt like the same thing happened over and over. Luckily, it picks up in the end and leaves readers dying to know what could happen next.

Many of the characters are funny and endearing. One character, Lorne, is totally swoon-worthy. Some of the best parts of this book are the interactions between Maite and Lorne and between Maite and Roan. One of Aileen Erin’s strengths as an author is her ability to write characters. There’s rarely a character you don’t like and especially no book by her that could disappoint. You can check this title out as an audiobook or eBook with the app Hoopla!