Way-off broadway players announce Grease the musical

There is always something fun and interesting happening in Washington Township High School. There are so many activities, sports, and clubs students have the opportunity to join. One big opportunity for students who enjoy acting and being on stage is the fall play and spring musical.

Every year there is an amazing fall play and stunning spring musical. There is casting and the high school students get to perform.

In the previous years plays like Shrek, The Beauty and the Beast, and many other Disney movies were recreated.

This year the High School students wanted to recreate Grease, another great musical. The problem was that they weren’t sure if the Washington Township Education Foundation would fund their spring production of Grease.

Great news was announced recently. Washington Township High School students found out that the Washington Township Education Foundation has agreed to fund their spring production of Grease. They donated $6,000 to the student production. The students were very excited to have this opportunity to be part of a popular musical.

Most of the money that was donated will go to the rights of Grease because they are very expensive. Now they are also able to have a good set with great costumes and lighting. They are thankful for the Washington Township Education Fund for helping them with this experience.

On December 21st there is going to be an informational meeting in the auditorium for those who are interested in participating in the spring musical Grease. There are going to be auditions and then call backs like every year to allow the director to prepare for a great show in the spring.

Every year tickets are sold for the three day show and they sell very quickly. Students and parents attend and enjoy the show and the amazing talented actors.

Having talented actors and opportunities to perform amazing shows like these puts the drama program here at Washington Township High School at a very good level, and it is only going to grow from here.