Maura Keane – Vice President

1. Why are you running for this position?

I would like to take on a new leadership as both a member of student council and a member of the student body. I hope to use this position to communicate with my classmates about how we can improve the community at WTHS, especially with the new TWP Pride schedule being put into place next year. As Vice President, I can listen to the concerns of my peers, bring them to the attention of administration, and get results!


2. What qualities do you have that make you stand out compared to other candidates?

I would consider myself to be very open-minded and flexible. Everyone should feel like they can contribute their ideas and thoughts. I encourage change if it benefits the greater good of the students I represent. I like to see in the potential in all people, too. I would use my leadership position to hopefully inspire and motivate my peers to be the best they could be. These qualities along with my experience on Top 5 as Treasurer sets me apart from the other candidates for the Vice President position.


3. What do you believe makes you a great student leader?

A great student leader is someone who can put themselves in the shoes of those around them and use this to initiate change that benefits their peers. This is why a great student leader must also be a good listener, as well as someone who can make selfless decisions. Great student leaders recognize when there is an issue and strive to make a difference.


4. If you win, what do you want your legacy to be at Township?

If I get elected as Vice President, I would want me legacy to be that I was able to unite our school community and encourage other students to step out of their comfort zone. I want WTHS to be a place where the students feel safe and look forward to another day of school. I hope to bring a new sense of school spirit that gets students excited and wanting to take on leadership roles themselves!


5. Who has provided the most positive influence on your development as a leader?

My running mate Trina Basu has had a positive influence on my development as a leader. I have been friends with Trina since the second grade and she has always been very shy. However, when we entered high school together, I noticed a shift in the way she presented herself. She turned into a confident leader who inspires me each day. Whenever I want to second guess my abilities or question myself as a leader, I look to Trina and how much she has grown, and it inspires me to want to become a better leader as well.