Lily Molnar – Recording Secretary


Why are you running for this position? 

Recording Secretary offers a great opportunity to be able to start to make a real difference in the school and WTHS community. It provides that chance to work closely with other student leaders and teachers that I can learn a lot from while also leaving my own mark.

What qualities do you have that make you stand out as a leader? 

I am a great communicator, well organized and passionate about Student Council. These qualities are pivotal in the Recording Secretary position and I would be able to perform the role in an efficient and effective way.

If you win, what would you try to accomplish? 

I plan to work as hard as I can to make the events that Student Council sponsors every year even more enjoyable for the student body. I have had the privilege of watching great student leaders put on these events that past 2 years under very difficult circumstances and look forward to the chance to host safe and fun events with the rest of Student Council.

Who has provided the most positive influence on your development as a leader? 

My mom. She works so hard to have a great career and provide an awesome life for my family. My mom is my own superhero and I hope to emulate her work ethic and care for others that she has.

What’s one quote that has impacted your outlook on leadership and life? 

“Don’t ever make decisions based on fear. Make decisions based on hope and possibility. Make decisions based on what should happen, not what shouldn’t.” – Michelle Obama