Luca Franco – President


1. Why are you running for this position? 

I want to be a voice for the student body and to ensure that every student has the best high school experience at each event Student Council organizes.


2. What qualities do you have that make you stand out compared to other candidates?

I believe I possess leadership qualities and I am a very social and optimistic person.


3. What do you believe makes you a great student leader?

I am not afraid to voice my opinion, and I also enjoy teamwork and making sure that every one is being a team player.


4. If you win, what you want your legacy to be at Township?

I want to make sure that there is more participation at events at Washington Township and that I try my best in everything I do to ensure that the student body has more of a voice. I want the school year of 2020-2021 to be one of the best school years.


5. Who has provided the most positive influence on your development as a leader?

My dad has always taught me to work hard and to never pass up on an opportunity. He teaches me to stay level headed in challenging situations and always remember to never quit.