Julia DeCosta – Vice President

1. Why are you running for this position?

Being in StuCo has seriously been the highlight of my freshman, sophomore and junior year. Applying to be part of StuCo when I was an 8th grader was one of the best decisions I ever made; I have made so many new friends and have immersed myself in the WTHS culture. I want to be the senior who Underclassman feel comfortable approaching; I want to be their voice. As VP not only would I be in direct contact with Upperclassmen daily through the friendships and connections I’ve already made, but I would also make it a point to form bonds with freshman and sophomores in order to better serve them too. I’ve totally valued what I’ve learned as a member of StuCo over the past 3 years and I’m confident in my ability to apply my skills to a new and more challenging position.


2. What qualities do you have that make you stand out compared to other candidates?

I have 3 years of StuCo experience  (1 of which was as a member of Top 5), I have great  relationships with the advisors and members of StuCo, I have an eternal smile on my face and pure excitement for planning, organizing and getting involved with school activities. I am also super ambitious, optimistic, sociable, creative and have the utmost pride in my school. This year I played volleyball all year (both for WTHS and a club team), was on the TWP Dance Team, fulfilled all of my StuCo duties, was involved in German club, NHS, German NHS, AACC, and Peer Counseling–all while maintaining my status on the Honor Roll. This shows I can excel at budgeting my time while remaining dependable. I possess excellent public speaking skills and I’m not afraid to use them. I feel I am an intrinsic leader, which is what the position of VP calls for.


3. What do you believe makes you a great student leader?

I possess all three of these qualities that leaders should have: Dedication- When someone/thing is important to me, I become fiercely loyal to it and passionate about it. This is how I feel about my school; I would do anything to make it awesome. I plan to dedicate my time, energy and ideas in order to be a solid member of StuCo. Humor- I am really funny, like really—ask anybody. I’m not afraid to be me, even if being me means making a fool of myself sometimes. I can learn from the process and laughing puts people at ease and helps break barriers. It is important to have fun in school because that is what makes memories. I plan to use my humor to involve more kids in StuCo activities. Organization- Look how organized I am…I made an alphabetized list. Organization is essential for efficiency, which is why I insist on having it in my daily life and bring it wherever I go. I will bring organization skills to StuCo as VP. Vice President is a huge job and one must be organized in order to do the job well


4. If you win, what do you want your legacy to be at Township?

As VP, I want to redefine what it means to be “popular.” I want to be the girl who makes being friendly, super-involved and socially aware cool. I want to do this because it would show people that popularity is not about money or looks or reputations—all of which is selective. Popularity can be attainable to anyone because anyone can be friendly, get involved and be aware of what going on in their community and world.


5. Who has provided the most positive influence on your development as a leader?

There has not been 1 specific person who has influenced me to become a leader, but rather a group of people who have: the strong women in my life. Freshman year I met Frau Graham, my German teacher; she was and still is wonderful. From her, I learned to be a good listener and be open to a variety of  ideas. Last year, Taylor Crawling (a.k.a TC) was the captain of the WTHS Volleyball team, and she was a great leader. From her, I learned to always have an optimistic attitude and a smile on my face because people respond better to a positive disposition. Mrs. Mason is one of my favorite teachers and I have seen her every, single day during my time at WTHS. From her, I learned the importance of passion and drive– it is contagious. Finally, my mother is amazing; she constantly has a million things to do and always makes  it look effortless. From her, I learned how to motivate myself and be super-organized. I hope that I, too, can be a strong female role-model for others.