New Decade New Me


Valerie Huynh

An illustration depicting a person celebrating the new decade.

Felisha Trani '22

New Decade New Me

I could sit here and go on and on about how you can change your life during the New Year. But unless you work for it, it’s not going to happen; it’s not going to be handed to you. You must work for everything you get in life. It takes 21 days to form a habit. So, unless you can do something for 21 days, tone your goal down.

Start with practical resolutions that you can incorporate into your every day routine.

Tips for your over-the-top goals:

If your goal is to “LOSE WEIGHT”:

First of all, never tell yourself or anybody they need to lose weight. Change your mindset and substitute those harsh words to “get fit”. Working out and getting a “summer body” takes time and hard work. Don’t over work yourself, your body can only take so much. Little by little, you’ll start to see your resolution become a reality.

If your goal is to “EAT HEALTHIER”:

Start slow, and NEVER starve yourself! Begin substituting sugary snacks and drinks for fruits, vegetables, and water. Don’t forget to treat yourself either. You deserve to splurge once and a while. Slowly, you’ll see changes in your energy level, mood, and physical appearance.

If your goal is to “GET RID OF ACNE”:

First off, acne is not classified as two pimples on your face that nobody cares about because everyone has them. But if you’re anything like me, you completely ignored what I just said and want to know how to get rid of those two pimples. Those thousands of products you’re packing on your face isn’t helping. If anything, they’re confusing your skin even more. But if you need more tips, view my article on Winter Skincare, under the “Acne Prone Skin Column”.

If your goal is to “GAIN CONFIDENCE”:

You need to truly grasp the idea that nobody is perfect. And no one else’s opinion of you matters now, or in twenty years. The impression of yourself is the only opinion that matters. Changing yourself for other people is going to eventually tire you out and make you miserable. There are some things you can do to help yourself accept who you are, and to love what you see when you look in the mirror. Everything comes with time. And I will be the first one to tell you that you are truly beautiful, despite what anyone says. Once you can tell yourself that and feel good about accepting it, you’ll begin to manifest your confidence.

Reply with two words.

To go with making yourself feel good on the inside, people who try and gain confidence continue to diss themselves and think less of themselves. You know you do it. You walk in school in the morning and your friend compliments your new shirt or your eyeshadow. Some may feel good and say thanks and move on, but some may snark or reject the compliment. Don’t knock yourself and say, “no”, or “really?”. You should take the two seconds to reply with two words: thank you. Accepting the compliment from your friend will not only make your friend smile, but you will obtain that you look and feel good. Just don’t go running around with a big head and blown up ego because of it. Lol.

Just know, whatever you want in life, and I mean whatever you want, you can have it if you are persistent and work hard.

Happy New Year!

Xoxo- Big Sister