Bailey Ratcliffe


What is the charity you chose to represent? 

“A Sense of Home”. It is meant to help foster kids have help when they leave the foster care system. It helps them have an actual home, connect them with businesses and services to help with career possibilities and provide mental health services. I chose this charity because foster children deserve a chance to feel normal and not feel forgotten. I had a friend when I was little who told me about her experience in foster care and how it affected and changed her. 

Why do you best represent Washington Township? 

I’m dedicated to the programs I am involved in. I do my hardest to give everything my best work.  I try my best to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

What is your favorite pick-up line? 

“I ought to complain to Spotify for you not being named this week’s hottest single.” 

If you could pick anyone besides yourself to win, who would it be? 

I don’t think I am able to pick one person. They are all amazing and they all deserve to win. 

Favorite food: 

Mac and Cheese 

Favorite movie: 


Favorite music artist: 

Harry Styles and Niall Horan 

What TV show/movie character are you most like? 

I think I’m most like Tris from Divergent. Like her, I never stop giving up on what I have my eyes on. She always pushed her limits. 

What is your go-to Wawa order? 

Italian Hoagie with Strawberry Banana Mango Smoothie or Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese with Strawberry Banana Mango Smoothie 

If you could give yourself one superpower, what would it be? 

Telekinesis. I just think it is really cool. 

What has been one of the most memorable aspects of your high school experience? 

Winning the entire circuit of Cavalcade of Bands freshman year with the Marching Band. 

If you could change one thing about the world you live in, what would it be? 

I would change the poverty population in the world. Everyone should be able to live comfortably and not have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from or if they are going to make rent that month. 

What advice would you give to underclassmen about high school? About life? 

High School: High school goes by so fast, so make the most out of everything. Make as many memories as you can; go to as many events as you can.  

Life: Follow your dreams and do what you want to do. Follow your heart. Don’t have any regrets. 

What are your plans and goals for after high school? 

I want to go to a 4-year college followed by law school. I want to become a Criminal Justice Lawyer and help as many people as I can. 

What teacher or faculty member has made the biggest impact on your high school career? 

Mr. Spencer. He has never given up on me. He has always pushed me to be the best version of myself and wants me to be better than I was yesterday. 

Who in your life has had the biggest influence on you? 

My brothers, Jon and Chris. They are the reason I am who I am. They are the reason I fell in love with music. They are the reason I am also in AFJROTC. They showed me you can get stuff done, while also having fun. 

What is one thing you cannot live without? 

I can’t live without my friends. My friends are always there for me and support me. They are part of the reason I am who I am. 

What is something about you that most people do not know? 

My guilty pleasure is watching crime shows. I could watch them for hours. 

Describe yourself in three words. 

Self-less, personable, and determined. 

If you had to give a 20-minute presentation on a topic of your choosing, what would it be?  

I would talk about Marching Band and how much of an influence it has had on my life. I would talk about all my memories, from winning Cavalcade freshman year to football games to our San Diego trip freshman year. 

What has been the best part about being on the Homecoming Court? 

Being on the court with my friends I’ve known for years.