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What is Christmas time without watching tradition Christmas movies?  One fan favorite Christmas movie is Elf In this movie, Will Ferrell plays a goofy, clueless elf who leaves the North Pole in search of his father.  When he gets to New York City (where his father lives) everyone sees Buddy as some crazy man dressed as an elf who believes he is from the North Pole, but no one believes that he really is an elf.  Throughout the movie Buddy is trying to convince people that he truly did come from the North Pole.  Finally, when Santa’s sleigh breaks down due to not enough Christmas cheer, this is Buddy’s time to prove all of his friends and family wrong.  Buddy’s girlfriend, Jovie, remembers a quote that Buddy always says, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”  This quote is very well-known from Elf and by singing, Santa’s sleigh worked again because it increased the Christmas spirit.  This movie is uplifting and sweet, perfect for around the holidays or any time of year for that matter.  This movie has humor that will make the adults laugh, as well as the children.  Many families will enjoy watching Elf this holiday season.

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