Christina Fath- Recording Secretary



Why did you choose this position?

I am running for Recording Secretary because I enjoy being involved in the leadership of the organization and am looking forward to playing an even greater role for my senior year.

What are three characteristics that qualify you for this position?

Three characteristics that help me stand out are being approachable, believing in the value of teamwork, and having fun while being inspirational! High school is such an amazing time in everyone’s lives and having the opportunity to work in the Top 5 enables this core group to impact so many of our fellow classmates.  I am inclusive and open to other ideas and because of this, I can comfortably interact with all different types of people.  I can share this information amongst the Top 5 to show that the leadership team is listening to the students and doing things that they request.

In what other school activities are you involved in?

I am involved in a variety of other clubs and activities including: P.A.W.S., Freshman Transition, Junior Achievement, Peer Facilitators, National Honor Society, Cross Country and Track.

If elected, how well you perform your duties?

If elected I would perform my duties to the best of my abilities. I would look to become more connected with the student body to ensure we are all listening to the voice of the entire school.

What will make next year different than other years?

Next year will be different because there will be a new group of students as your Top 5. By working together, we will be open to the needs of the students and administration to make each day enjoyable. I would also make sure my involvement will help make the Student Council run activities even better!