Mia Najd – Corresponding Secretary


Why did you choose to run for this position?

I chose this position because I think with my skills I would be able to make a huge impact in the school through this position. Also, this was the most interesting and appealing to me.

What are three characteristics that qualify you for this position?

Three characteristics that I have that would qualify me for this position would be, I am very outgoing and have great communication skills, I am punctual and all my tasks will be completed with time to spare, and I am dedicated.

In what other school activities are you involved?

I am also involved in PAWS, and DECA

If elected, how will you perform your duties?

If I were elected I would perform my duties with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication, I would make sure that everything is done to the best of my ability and give everything my best work. All of my duties will be completed to their full potential.

What will make next year different than other years?

Next year will be different from other years because I will make sure that the school spirit is at an all-time high and I will try my best to get more students involved in all our events.