Senior Spotlight Sells Out

A reflection on 2017’s Senior Directed Cabaret.

Bria LaMonica '17, Editor In Chief

Adding finishing touches to her hair and makeup, actor Kaeley Bogan ’17 readied herself to take the stage in her first Senior Directed Cabaret. High fiving friends and hearing cheers as they all take their places for the opening act, Kaeley and her cast mates were ready for opening night.

“The anticipation, the days and months leading up to the show, is where we have the most fun.” Bogan ’17 said. “Laughing and joking around during rehearsals, and preforming our hearts out to make every show an unforgettable one, is what it’s all about. I made so many new friends, and wish I had gotten involved sooner.”

The Senior Directed Cabaret is a long-standing tradition at Washington Township High School. With performances on Jan. 4, and 5, the two-act show incorporated many skits and scenes from Saturday Night Live, Key and Peele, and even some of the directors’ own original work to make the show funny and entertaining.

Prepping the event for months, co-directors Elena LeVan ’17 and Marissa LaSalle ’17 held auditions for the play to make sure each person got a part that best suited their personality. From dressing up like nerds and dancing on stage, to wearing a giant cow costume and telling some pretty bad jokes, no two parts in the play were alike which made it all the more interesting.

“ We tried to pick skits from all different shows and genres, it really kept things interesting, you didn’t know who would come out next! Each skit was unique, to match the equally unique cast of characters and parts in the show. We [Marissa and Elena] couldn’t be more proud.” LeVan ’17 said.

Along with earning praise from friends and family, many administrators and staff commented on the success of the show as well, and the cast appreciated the chance to show off their talents for an audience.

“I am so happy to be a part of such a great experience. I met so many new people and learned a lot about who I was as a performer and as a person. Elena and Marissa did an amazing job getting everything together, and we all worked really hard to make this the best SDC yet!” Megan Kenderdine ’17 said. “I encourage everyone to try out and get involved next year, it is a life changing experience, and it’s always fun to have parents and teachers come out to support us.”

With practices two-three times a week, the actors and performers each practiced and prepared their skits to put on a comedic, and well-rehearsed show. To make sure the students had what it takes to get the crowd laughing, before the rehearsals started, the directors held auditions, and for the audition every performer had to prepare their own skit to show off their skills.

“Auditioning was nerve-wracking, but what audition isn’t? Getting to find a skit that suited me, and getting to perform it for the audition was so relieving, and so much fun. I am glad that I took a chance and tried out, I couldn’t be happier with the results.” Bogan ’17 said.

Both nights of the show had a line wrapped around the school to get in, and almost every seat in the house was filled both nights. The smell of flowers, hairspray, and sweat filled the hallway after the performance, and the actors knew that what they had done was something special.