Mr. June – Dillon Murray


What would your advice be to underclassman?

So much changes from freshman to senior year. Some of the things that give you stress now will seem silly in a few years. Just enjoy everything because you don’t get to go back.

Favorite pick up line?
You know why they call me toast, right?
No why?
Cause I’m too hot to be bread.

If you could pick anyone besides you to win, who would it be?
After being with these guys for the past few months, it makes no difference to me. It’s been awesome getting to know these 11 guys, and I’m happy I don’t have to pick who wins.

What is your hidden talent?
My hidden talent is so secretive that not even I know what it is. But once I find out, I’ll be sure to keep it a secret.

What is the number one thing you look for in a significant other?
“The eyes are the window to the soul.” As corny as it sounds, I try to look into a person’s eyes and see if they have “it”.

How do you want to be remembered at WTHS?
That guy with goofy hair and the broom.

Favorite movie?
“The Rugrats Movie”

If you had the chance what would you change about yourself?
I stink with planning, and I am very unorganized. If I could change one thing about myself, I wish I was more organized.

If you could live anywhere, besides the US, where would it be?
Dagobah. Hopefully Master Yoda would be there and he could teach me the ways of the force. If he wasn’t, then I’d have an entire planet to myself which is pretty cool.

What teacher at WTHS has had the most impact on your high school career?
Washington Township is so fortunate in having so many great teachers.  I’ve had nothing but positive people who’ve taught me a lot. I have learned up so much, from so many that it would be rude to leave any out.

What person in your life has had the most impact on you as a person?
Excluding family members, Craig Deer, my first golf instructor. On top of making me fall in love with a stupid game that I still stink at after all these years, he has been a strong voice always keeping me on the right side of the track.

3 things to bring to a desert island?
Golf ball
Golf clubs
An Eagle Scout

If you could be any kitchen appliance what would you be?
A toaster, for I am Toast.

If you were a superhero what your name be and what would your greatest weakness be?
Captain Thunderbolt, and my greatest weakness would be dancing.

If you could create a class what would it be?
Our school has so much to offer, but I think a “Fantasy Football” class would be helpful.

Favorite Animal:

If you could have any kind of accent what would it be?
Irish. A lot of good golfers are from Ireland, so even though it wouldn’t make me any better at golf, at least I’d sound better.

Favorite ice cream flavor:
Rocky road.

Describe your dream date:
I have failed at dating so far throughout high school, so at this point I wouldn’t be too picky. Obviously, it would have to take place on a cool summer’s night. The sky would have to be clear. The sun would be low in the sky and, as the date went on, it would fade off into the ocean and then the stars would dance. Of course I wouldn’t notice because I’d be lost in my date’s eyes. We’d be sitting by the water enjoying dinner. There’d be the distant sound of a Spanish guitar and Elvis Presley would be singing “Love Me Tender.” Just kidding, it would be in Disney World.