2016 Mr. September – Jeremy Sadowski


Charity are you representing?

I am representing the Tree House foster care organization. I want to represent this organization because, when i was young my life took a few wrong turns. I was almost put into a foster home, but i was lucky enough to have family members welcome me and my siblings into their homes. I’m representing this organization for the kids who were not as lucky as me, to have an education and a chance for a bright future.
What would be your advice to underclassman concerning high school?

Get involved in sports and clubs. You will meet new people and create unforgettable memories. You only have four years and you’ll regret not doing anything!

What quote best describes your outlook on life?

“Strive for perfection, but settle for excellence.”- Kenny Murgia

Favorite pick up line?

Girl there’s only one thing I want to change about you, and that’s your last name.

If you could pick anyone besides yourself to win, who would it be?

All the guys who were nominated are amazing people, but If I was voting I would chose Zack Hammel because this kid cracks me up, is not arrogant, and overall just a good guy.

Why should we choose you to be Mr. Washington Twp?

I still can’t get over the fact that I was nominated to even be in Mr. Washington township, let alone to think I could  win it.

What cartoon character do you relate to the most?

Aang from the avatar the last airbender, because he has a great sense of humor, is down to earth, and is a fighter.

Childhood aspiration vs. current aspiration?

When I was younger I always wanted to be a cop because of my grandfather. Still to this day I want to become one, and I will pursue law enforcement in college.

What is your hidden talent?

Being able to talk to anyone about anything.

Has the Mr. Washington Township nomination changed your life?

Yes, I feel like it made me be more cautious of what I say and do in school. Almost makes you try to be a role model for underclassman to look up to.

What is the number one thing you look for in a significant other?

Their smile. It’s super attractive and the most beautiful thing in my opinion.

How do you want to be remembered at WTHS?

Someone who is not afraid to stand up for his friends and himself.

Favorite movie?

I’m a huge J.R.R. Tolkien fan so, it’s the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

If you could change the mascot, what would it be?

I wouldn’t because, it fits way too good in this town.

If you could address any issue the world faces today, what would it be?

Hunger. In the world we grow and make so much food especially in the United States that we waste. We should Better our programs to help fight it and make sure everyone has full stomach.

If you had the chance, what would change about yourself?

would change my eye color.

If you could live anywhere besides the US, where would it be?

New Zealand, because it’s beautiful and has amazing sights.

What teacher at WTHS has had the most impact on your high school career?

Too many to choose from. But if I had to pick one, I’ll pick the the first one I met. My freshman year I had Mr. Parker. He was a good role model and really prepared me for the rest of my highschool English classes.

What person in your life has had the most impact on you as a person?

My three best friends Christian whal, Steve Badiali, and Dee-on Sacksith. These guys always had my back and helped me get through a lot of hard times. Thanks for always being there me. Love you guys.

If you could bring three things with you to a deserted island, what would they be?

A machete, lighter, and rope.

What are your aspirations and plans for after graduation?

I plan on going to RCGC, and going through their police academy.

If you could be any kitchen appliance, what would you be?

I would be the fridge because who does not like the fridge?

If you were a superhero, what would your name be and what would be your greatest weakness?

Jerome, and my weakness would be paper cuts…

Favorite video games?

The original Pokemon games.

If you could create a class at WTHS what would it be?

A J.R.R. Tolkien class.

Favorite animal?


If you could have any kind of accent, what would it be?

Australian, because who doesn’t want to sound like Jarvis from ironman?

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Vanilla bean has a special place in my heart.

Describe your dream vacation.

Travel New Zealand and stay at a tree house hotel.

Describe your dream date.

Take a girl out to a nice small restaurant called Mannio’s in pitman, then take her to the park where can sit near the lake and talk about anything that comes to mind.

Who is your favorite fictional character?

Gandalf the Grey.