Natalie Zimmerman – Recording Secretary


Why are you running for this position?

I want to be a part of the impact that a Top 5 member has on this school. I feel that with my character traits and personality this position fits me best going into the upcoming school year.

What qualities do you have that make you stand out as a leader?

My dedication, realness, and humility.

If you win, what would you try to accomplish?

Human Rights and Mental Health awareness are some areas of focus that I would really want to further look into for our school. Whether that be a meeting or an event I think both are extremely important topics that need be addressed and talked about.

Who has provided the most positive influence on your development as a leader?

My parents. They have shown me that through hard work and dedication you can strive in anything you do and that with kindness you can impact those around you.

What’s one quote that has impacted your outlook on leadership and life?

“When Life Gives You Lemons You Make Lemonade.”