Mr. March, 2021 – Giovanni Stanfa


What would be your advice to underclassmen concerning high school?

To always challenge yourself and to get involved with as many things as you can. Your hard work will pay off.

If you could go back one year, what would you say to yourself pre-covid?

Enjoy every moment because you never know what the future holds.

What’s your favorite pick-up line?

Do you know CPR? Because you are taking my breath away!

If you could pick anyone besides you to win, who would it be?

Julian Lawson. I would choose him because he is such a kind person to be around.

Why should we choose you to be Mr. Washington TWP 2021?

Mr. Washington Township has been a dream of mine for many years now. I also have gotten involved with many activities in order to better myself and to be seen as a role model in many other people’s eyes. These activities include 15 years of competitive gymnastics, 15 years of dance, 4 years of TWP dance, 3 years of TWP Choir, 2 years of National Honor Society, 2 years of TRI-M Music Honors Society, and 1 year of Dynamics Acapella Group.

What fictional character do you relate to the most?

I most relate to 22 in Soul because I used to not recognize how lucky I am to be here in the position I am in. I now recognize how amazing it is to just live and 22 realizes the same thing throughout the movie.

What is your hidden talent?

I can do many different flips.

How has the Mr. Washington Township nomination changed your (everyday) life?

I have become more outgoing and willing to take on more challenges in my everyday life.

How do you want to be remembered at WTHS?

I want to be remembered as someone who always challenged themselves and always was willing to get involved and help anyone I possibly could.

What’s your favorite movie?

Soul is my favorite movie because I love the way the main characters realize life is more than we think and they are able to take a different perspective on the way they look at life.

What was your favorite quarantine activity?

I love to watch movies and take naps.

If you could live anywhere besides the US, where would it be?

I would love to live with my extended family in Italy and learn more about my culture’s history.

What teacher/staff member at WTHS has had the most impact on your high school career?

Mrs. Richardson has impacted me the most at WTHS. She not only taught me how to dance but many life lessons including my priorities and how to manage time. Any student to have Mrs. Rich as a teacher is incredibly lucky.

If you could bring three things with you to a deserted island, what would they be?

My phone, a blanket, and a cool car to drive around.

What are your aspirations and plans for after graduation?

I would love to attend college and become a nurse.

If you could create a class at WTHS what would it be?

The class that I would create would be called future careers. I would introduce many different careers for students to learn about in order for them to find out what really catches their interests.

What’s your favorite animal?

An elephant

What’s your favorite place to get food?


What is the number one thing you look for in a significant other?

The ability to be best friends.

What is your go-to wawa order?

An Italian hoagie, apple slices, and fruit punch

If you could trade places with someone for one day, who would it be?

I would trade places with my mother. I would want to recognize how much she actually does for our family.

If you won a million dollars, what would you do?

I would purchase a small shore house for my family then donate the rest to my charity that I am supporting.