Review of Grand Army

Natalie Nguyen '22, Writer

The Netflix Original, Grand Army, created by Katie Cappiello, portrays the life of teenagers living in the city.

Diversity is made very apparent: characters ranging in ethnicities, wealth status, gender, etc. Every teenager faces their own struggles, from work and college to friendships and mental health issues. They have to figure out life and overcome these challenges. As teenagers growing up in the city, these young people are forced to mature at an earlier age due to the lifestyle/surroundings they were born into. They are exposed to issues that suburban children may not ever face, if not much later in life.

It is easy to empathize with the characters because their emotions are portrayed so well. The traumatic events these characters endure help build a connection between them and the audience, and it keeps the viewers wanting to watch more. Although there are explicit scenes and viewer discretion should be advised (this show is rated TV-MA, so not for audiences under 17/18), I recommend this eye-opening show on how teens in the city try to push through life despite the difficulties brought along the way.