Mr. September, 2018 – Stephen Morrow


What would be your advice to underclassmen concerning high school?

Live above your stereotypes and prove them all wrong.

What quote best describes your outlook on life?

Risk it for the biscuit.

What’s your favorite pick-up line?

Is your name Maddie Shelburne? Because you’re the cutest girl I’ve ever seen.

If you could pick anyone besides you to win, who would it be?

Not Brandon Searles

Why should we choose you to be Mr. Washington TWP 2018?

You snooze you lose.

What cartoon character do you relate to the most?

Tasmanian Devil; we’ll just say I had my fair share of breaking things.

Childhood aspiration vs. current aspiration?

Peak in highschool vs peak out of highschool

How do you want to be remembered at WTHS?

A faith-based Christian Athlete

What’s your favorite movie?

Rocky because I like the underdog story #gobirds

If you could change the school mascot, what would it be?

An eagle #gobirds

If you could address any issue the world faces today, what would it be?

Fear of sharing your faith in Christ and the opinions of others

If you had the chance, what would you change about yourself?

Procrastination, but I’ll tell ya about that later

If you could live anywhere besides the US, where would it be?

Australia because of the kangaroos

What teacher at WTHS has had the most impact on your high school career?

Mr. Groark

If you could bring three things with you to a deserted island, what would they be?

Bears, beets, battlestar galactica

What are your aspirations and plans for after graduation?

Head to Liberty University, study exercise science and play lacrosse there

If you were a superhero, what would your name and superpower be? What would your greatest weakness be? 

Bonesaw; I’d be able to fly even though I’m already too fly, weakness N/A

If you could create a class at WTHS what would it be?

AP Napping 1

What’s your favorite animal?

Monkey hands down

If you could have any kind of accent, what would it be?


What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Yeah, I’m gonna be that guy: vanilla all day

Describe your dream vacation:

A solid trip to Hawaii, get some surfing done, hiking, definitely fishing and a nice finish with some pineapples chilling on the beach

What is the number one thing you look for in a significant other?

Beauty on the inside

Describe your dream date:

First name Maddie Last name Shelburne