Mr. April, 2018 – Brandon Hickson

Mr. April, 2018 - Brandon Hickson

What would be your advice to underclassmen concerning high school?

Be as actively involved as you can in every activity. Whether it’s dancing the night away at homecoming, shaking your groove thing at powderpuff or laughing at every joke possible in Senior Directed, be a part of everything. Find happiness in all that you do and you’ll love your experience.

What quote best describes your outlook on life?

“Honey, where is my super suit?!”

What’s your favorite pick-up line?

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?

If you could pick anyone besides you to win, who would it be?

Josh Loomis: I never talked to him before and because of Mr. WT he’s one of my closest friends and I’ve found out that we are the same person. Love that kid so much and want nothing but the best for him.

Why should we choose you to be Mr. Washington TWP 2018?

Because I’ve made certain that I’ve participated in every activity, whether it’s Student Council events like Homecoming and organizing Mr. WT, ROTC events like the home drill competition, Military Ball and the Flickerball tournament, or school events like Powderpuff and Prom, I’ve been involved in every facet of Washington Township, inspiring others to make themselves better people, making the high school a better place as I’ve gone along on my journey.

What cartoon character do you relate to the most?

Wilt from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends: because he’s so tall that he makes every picture look awkward.

Childhood aspiration vs. current aspiration?

Staying up as late as I possibly could…going to bed as early as I can

What is your hidden talent?

I can clap my hands in a way that sounds like a galloping horse.

How has the Mr. Washington Township nomination changed your (everyday) life?

Every single person that you’ve ever interacted with wants a pin, and it’s so cool to see your face on people’s backpacks and lanyards.

How do you want to be remembered at WTHS?

As the tall sweaty kid that was always in the middle of the floor at every dance.

What’s your favorite movie?

The Lion King, because every time I watch it, I find myself living my childhood over and over.

If you could change the school mascot, what would it be?

I would change it to the lions because we’re the king of the county.

If you could address any issue the world faces today, what would it be?

Outrageously expensive college tuition, definitely the one thing that has to go.

If you had the chance, what would you change about yourself?

I would make my arms longer so that I didn’t have to break my legs to reach anything on the bottom shelf at Walmart.

If you could live anywhere besides the US, where would it be?

I’d live in New Zealand. The landscapes are some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen and I’d be fine with doing nothing but looking at the horizon all day.

What teacher at WTHS has had the most impact on your high school career?

Sgt. Hood. Part ROTC instructor, part volleyball phenom, part role model, part best friend, he has it all and I will definitely miss him in the years to come.

If you could bring three things with you to a deserted island, what would they be?

A volleyball, a net, and Ant LaSalle. Doesn’t get much better than that!

What are your aspirations and plans for after graduation?

To attend Rowan University as an honors student studying biomedical engineering, in hopes of designing prosthetic limbs for disabled children and veterans.

If you were a superhero, what would your name and superpower be? What would your greatest weakness be? 

Fleetfeet, super speed, and tripping over small pebbles

If you could create a class at WTHS what would it be?

A class to talk about when and where everything that we’ve learned throughout the years will be used in our future.

What’s your favorite animal?

Chimpanzee, because Caesar from Planet of the Apes is the man. RIP

If you could have any kind of accent, what would it be?

Jamaican because who wouldn’t love that, mahn!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Wawa brand mint chocolate chip moose tracks…wow

Describe your dream vacation:

An exact remake of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, even though that’s every holiday at my house.

What is the number one thing you look for in a significant other?

A shared love for everything on the menu at Mission BBQ.