“Stranger Things” Have Happened

Ariana Neilio '19, Staff Writer

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If you are currently looking for a show to watch, then you should definitely start Stranger Things. Stranger Things currently has one season but the second season will be released very soon. For the sake of spoilers, I will only focus on the first season so that people have the opportunity to catch up. Stranger Things is a Netflix original so you can only watch if you have a Netflix account. The show stars Winona Ryder (Joyce Bryers), David Harbour (Jim Hopper), Millie Bobby-Brown(Eleven), Finn Wolfhard(Mike Wheeler), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson), Caleb McLaughlin(Lucas Sinclair), and Noah Schnapp(Will Byers).

The show beings with Dustin, Lucas, and Will all over Mike’s house playing a game called Dungeons and Dragons. Then, Mike’s mother forces the rest of the boys to go home because it is getting late. As Will is on his way home, he encounters something that the viewers do not see until the end of the season. Will is struggling to escape this unseen being, but he then disappears into thin air. The rest of the season is Will’s friends trying to find him while also trying to find the thing that took him.

This series will speak to a lot of people that grew up I the 1980s because it takes place in the early 80s in Hawkins, Indiana. The things that the characters do throughout the series make it very evident that it is in the 80s such as ride their bikes everywhere, talk on walkie-talkies, and even the clothes that they wear.

The most important thing about this show in my opinion is the relationship between the characters because its so important and pivotal in the series. For example the relationship between Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will, Nancy, Steve, and Johnathan, Mike and Eleven, and even Will’s mom, Joyce, and Sheriff Jim Hopper. The relationships between all these characters is what makes the series so worth watching.

The character that speaks to me the most is Eleven. Eleven is a girl who was being tested at Hawkins lab that eventually broke free and ran into Mike and his friends when they were searching for Will. Eleven doesn’t really speak because the people who were testing her had her since she was born, so they never taught her how to speak. Eleven also has telepathic powers so she is a very powerfully emotionally and physically.

Stranger Things is definitely a show to start watching, especially since there is 17 episodes collectively between the first and second season, so it’s a quick watch!

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“Stranger Things” Have Happened