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Casey Spencer '17

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People say that senior year will be the best year of many people’s lives while also being the busiest. With the constant application processes for colleges and scholarships, along with the workload you get from school itself, there is not a lot of room for doubting that statement. Also, there is the process of narrowing down your options and choosing which college to attend for the next few years of your life. But what comes next after that decision.

May 1 is typically the deadline to commit to colleges. After the struggles of deciding on a college and then submitting a deposit to save your place, a senior’s work load does not lesson. There are various steps that a student needs to take next in order to be successful in their college endeavor.

First, there is the placement testing that many universities require. These tests determine academic readiness. More often than not, the material of the test consists of English and math. It is imperative that students promptly take the test so they know what kind of classes they can be placed into and acquire the necessary information they need to start the scheduling process.

Another aspect of the college process that comes after submitting a deposit is finding a roommate to live with for the months that you are at college. It is not unusual to feel anxiety over your potential roommate. Of course, if you are not living on campus this part of the process is nonexistent for you. Regardless, most students who live on campus like to contact others through different online platforms to start to get to know one another and find out if someone is roommate worthy or not. This may not be an imperative step of the college process, but this part lets you get to know other students that you will be sharing your college endeavor with.

An important step in the college process that happens after you claim what college you are going to go to, is the step of buying the necessary materials that you will need during the months that you are at college. If you hate the last minute back-to-school rush for materials, adding the idea of furnishing and decorating a dorm room can seem daunting. More often that not, college dorm rooms are small with limited space and there are many materials that a student needs to start their college process. Buying sets of bedding along with storage is only the bare minimal of what someone needs for college. There are other cost such as books, supplies, and other room materials that are necessary for living adequately throughout college.

Beside submitting a deposit to claim your spot at a university, a key part to the final stage of the college process happens at the very end of the school year.  It is a long time to wait but it comes more quickly than one may expect. Once a student commits to a university, it is essential that a student sends a final transcript to their choice of college. Getting the correct documentation and necessary documents to a university is a core aspect to a student’s life either before or following finals.

A student’s senior year is a crazy part of their life. It has ups and downs with many application processes, but it is also an endeavor that indulges many steps and sets up students for the rest of their lives. What comes next after the application and acceptance processes is just as important as the beginning of the process.

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Taking the next step