COVID-restricted senior prom takes new form outdoors

Jake Minnick '21

When one thinks of senior year, a few things come to mind: graduation, senior trip, the various awards banquets…but for most, it’s all about senior prom. Of course, this year, the certainty of being able to plan and attend all of these events was up in the air, especially a prom. Community spread levels, vaccinations, executive orders and guidelines from state government were all considered when administration was deciding whether or not the event could happen, and fortunately for the senior class, it was possible.

After being postponed due to inclement weather conditions, senior prom was hosted on school grounds on the evening of Saturday, May 8th from 7-10 P.M.

The dance was held on the Varsity Soccer field with tables spaced out six feet, in compliance with current CDC event guidelines. Masks were required and enforced throughout the night by the various teachers and administrative members who chaperoned the event.

Most of the seniors who went into the event with lowered expectations changed their mindset throughout the evening.

Taylor Wise ’21 said, “My experience exceeded my expectations definitely. Being able to see my friends, dance and be in fancy outfits for the first time in a while after attending classes in pajamas for about a year was definitely what we all needed.”

Catered by Scarpinato’s, dinner included chicken parmigiana, a red-sauce pasta, steak, chicken marsala, meatballs, salad and rolls, with dessert featuring various baked goods and cannolis.

“The food exceeded my expectations,” Jarett LeVan ’21 said, “I really enjoyed the chicken parm.”

Kelly Wei ’21 and Kylie Bittner ’21 were fans of the dessert.

“My expectations were surpassed with dessert. I didn’t expect the desserts and it was incredibly yummy,” Wei said, with Bittner adding, “the cannolis were excellent.”

The night featured music, dancing, pictures and a celebration of the Senior class’s four years of high school.

“My favorite part of the evening was when Mr. WT and Homecoming Court got to perform for everyone. It was a nice come back from not being able to perform what we worked on live for everyone!” Wise said.

With friends and classmates seeing each other for one of the first times this year outside of the classroom, partying was in order.

“It was perfect and just what we needed,” said Mackenzie Sozio ’21, “Dancing with my friends was the best part of the night.”

On a night as special as senior prom, many seniors struggled to find one word to describe the experience, and Meg Smith ’21 chose, “unique.”

“I really enjoyed being able to go and experience a prom, even under the circumstances. While the weather was crazy the entire weekend, I truly enjoyed being able to have fun with my friends,” Wei said.

Bittner added, “My favorite part of the prom experience was getting to see everyone together. The class of 2021 has had a tough year and it was nice to see everyone come together for this special night.”

Without senior class advisor, Mrs. Carol Costello, this special night never would have happened.

“I have to admit the junior and senior proms this year were my favorite. They were extremely challenging as I love a good challenge – but as so many schools were cancelling, we made the impossible happen,” Costello said, “I also have a great team – Ms. Taylor, Mr. Giberson, Mr. Strout , Mr. Sav along with Mr. Cordner and Mr. Saia who helped pull this off because they all believed in it.”

Costello has attended 73 TWP proms, coordinating and hosting 48, with this being her final one.

“I will miss everything – my catering managers at the venues, my TEAM as well as the students. It is so much more than planning a wedding – most years I have anywhere from 500 -900 students at my proms and I will miss the students the most,” Costello said.