New NJ932nd AFJROTC Corps Commander, Marcel Mazahreh


Allison Siravo '22, Writer

On December 1st, 2020, senior Marcel Mazahreh was chosen as the new NJ932nd  AFJROTC Corps Commander. The AFJROTC program at the high school chooses a new cadet to assume this position every marking period. Corps Commander is the highest position a cadet can reach in the program.

Following in the footsteps of his sisters who both took the course, Marcel joined the program and has been working towards achieving the goal of Corps Commander since his freshman year.

“I worked hard to become the Corps Commander,” stated Mazahreh. “… I’ve tried to become a good example for other cadets in the program since I began. I always knew I wanted to be someone other cadets looked up to.”

His dedication is evident through the various awards he has received in the program, including the outstanding cadet ribbon, and earning the Tuskegee Airmen Award, the Daedalian award, and the Air Commando Association Award.

Though these awards are all of high honor, Marcel’s leadership is especially shown in the Air Commando Association Award. This award is given based on the “13 Attributes of Success,” which includes integrity, self-motivation, perseverance, selflessness, and of course, leadership.

Mazahreh also balances various activities alongside JROTC; he’s on the executive board for National Honor Society and participates in the WTHS wrestling program. He believes that all these activities have helped shape him into the leader he is today, but wrestling stands out to him most.

“Wrestling taught me that If I work hard, I can accomplish anything I need to.” Mazahreh states that he carries this lesson with him in everything he does.

After graduating, Mazahreh hopes to attend the Air Force Academy and ultimately become a pilot. He says that he will take the lessons learned in the JRTOC program with him throughout all of his future endeavors. Mazahreh hopes the leadership qualities, discipline, and work ethic he gained from the program will help him succeed in whatever job he pursues.