Various ensembles of the music department come together for winter concert


Thomas Tait '22

A snapshot of the 1st song performed by the ensemble during the preview that was done for WTHS staff and students.

Gianna Casella '22, Writer

Members of the WTHS music department came together to perform in the Holiday Show on November 5th in the IBPAC. The orchestra, band, chorus, and guitar classes each showcased what they have been working on in preparation for this collaborative show. The planning started in the spring with booking the theater, the sound company, light company and more. The music teachers, Mr. Zachowski, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Hoblitzell and Mr. Janicki had multiple meetings to discuss the show and any changes they wanted to make from the previous production four years ago.

The music students have been working on the music for this show regularly in class since September just about every day, according to the Chorus Director Joseph Zachowski and Band Director Calvin Spencer. They encouraged and expected students to practice and prepare their parts at home. Each rehearsal for the show was separate and held in each individual classroom until the week of the show. At this time the music teachers moved their classes to the IBPAC to rehearse during school, and they also held rehearsals after school. The only time that all of the music students rehearsed together was during the tech rehearsals. The lighting played a vital part in how the performers looked during the show; the lighting crew consisted of about five members during the show and they first practiced during the tech rehearsal.

The show consisted of two acts of each music department showcasing their students’ skills. During the first act the treble chorus sang Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ which was an audience favorite.

“That it was the best moment of the entire show” said Marlene Wallace ‘21. During the second act the entire ensemble came together and sang ‘Sleigh Ride’ by The Ronettes which was only the third time all the departments had ever performed together.

The Washington Township High School Choral Director Joseph Zachowski said his favorite moment from the show “was having all 350+ performers out on stage together for the curtain call at the end of the concert.”

Along with that, the Band Director Mr. Spencer said his favorite moment was “seeing all 350+ students giving it their best.”