Leadership Keys For Minutemaid Field Hockey

Jake Minnick '21, Author

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Township field hockey, a very successful program and has had lots of success this season which is due to a few key factors: leadership, captains, coaching, and bonding.

                The teams’ leadership is owed to its four captains, Jenny Kerrigan ‘18, Nadia Foderaro ‘18, Giovanna Raspanti ‘18, and Morgan Dougherty ‘18, who all recognize that leadership a key to running a successful team.  “I think leadership is the most important quality to have on the team,” said senior, Raspanti.

                Coach O’Connor stated that, “we have nine seniors and the leadership is from the seniors whether they’re captain or not, and this year the seniors have been awesome and they each have been a contributor each day and a leader with an awesome attitude.

                Ellie Koerner ‘21, said that, “the captains make the field hockey team more enjoyable and successfully and without them it would be tough runs every practice and no fun.”

                Another key factor that makes the team run successfully is its coaching.

               O’Connor, has been coaching for over thirty years, and has had success in all of the teams she has coached throughout the years.

                According to O’Connor, “the field hockey team makes a full commitment, every day to be working as hard as we can, and our goal is always to reach our greatest protentional and exceed that as the season goes on.” This is what makes the team run successfully throughout the season.

                “We are willing to be all in and say that every day we want to be better than the day before, and if we can do that than we can continue to be one of the top field hockey teams in South Jersey,” coach said.

                An attribute that helps the team run successfully is how well the players have bonded with one another.

                According to Ellie Koerner, a freshman playing varsity, “my favorite memory of the season so far would be going on sister-dates with my sisters (teammates) and bonding with the team.”

                The team does many activities throughout the season to make everyone feel that they are all important on the team, and how important bonding actually is.

                Another trait that blends into the team are its star players.

                One of these star players, who happens to be a freshman, is Ellie Koerner.

                So far in the season she has had an important impact on and off the field, and according to the record book, she has three goals.

                The program has been very successful this season with wins over some of the school’s adversaries.

                The team hopes to continue the success the rest of the season, and continue to run a successful season.




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Leadership Keys For Minutemaid Field Hockey