NAHS hosts a night of art


Casey Spencer '17

While walking down the halls at Washington Township High School, there is only one night where you will find them decorated from top to bottom with art and other artistic features from around Washington Township.

District Art Night is an event sponsored by the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) at WTHS. The night consists of art displayed from all grade levels from across the district and interactive stations.

“The purpose of District Art Night is to let students K-12 show off their artwork to the public and share the creativity that they are given”, said NAHS member Marissa Salamoni ‘17.

Washington Township art students from all grade levels prepare their work for this night. At meetings, National Art Honor Society members are assigned tasks to help make the night run more smoothly. Some members are assigned to certain schools to pick up artwork while others are assigned the tasks running stations throughout the night and walking around the halls with tape during the event to rehang paintings in case they fall.

“During seventh period, we begin to hang the artwork and put any 3-D pieces in the IMC. We start from 12:30 to end around 5:30 setting up all the artwork,” Salamoni said

The stations throughout the night consists of, demonstrations, sales tables,and face painting. A new aspect of the night is the contest judged by teachers and the National Art Honor Society. For this contest, the hosts of the event teamed up with the Washington Township Environmental Commission to create a contest where students from any grade can submit artwork pertaining to the environment. After the winners of the contest were announced, the winning paintings were put on a display for the rest of the event. One of the winners included Salamoni herself.

District Art Night was held March 21 at Washington Township High School. The artwork displayed throughout the night ranged from 2-D to 3-D pieces of art that students from all of Washington Township worked on throughout the school year.

“I hope that people take away inspiration from the fantastic artwork that each student created. These students in our district are extremely talented and I hope that everyone saw that on Tuesday night,” said Salamoni.