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Jack Cahill '17

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Sixteen teams. One winner. Grand prize: five dollar Wawa gift cards for the whole team. A championship title was on the line. The Student Council Dodgeball tournament was set.

The tournament consisted of four rounds of single elimination play. When Dan McGee ’17 or Anthony DiClementi ’17 announced a team, the members ran out of the crowd and onto their side of the dodgeball court. The whistle blew, and fans watched and cheered as the two teams raced to the middle to grab as many dodgeballs as they could. While players were busy dodging, throwing, and catching, McGee and DiClementi provided humorous commentary.

Near chaos ensued until only one team was left standing. In the end, the Soccer Boys claimed the title of dodgeball champions.

“It was exciting to come out on top. We just came out together to have fun. That’s what this is all about,” said Soccer Boys member Michael Mulvihill ’19.

Student Council also rewarded the best group costume with five dollar Wawa gift cards. The costumes were very creative, ranging from athletes to co.nstruction workers. The honor of best costume went to the Softball team for their Toy Story themed costume

“I’d say our costumes looked pretty good. We had Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, and Barbie,” said team member Danielle Long ’17. “Although Soccer Boys knocked us out, we all had a great time.”

While the dodgeball tournament is an exciting and popular event, there is an aspect that may be overlooked. All the entry fees go to support Bianca’s Kids, a charity that grants wishes for underprivileged kids. The charity’s contributions range from buying children medical supplies, to giving them trips to Disney World. This year, the dodgeball tournament raised over one thousand dollars to aid this effort.

“Each year, the senior members of Student Council get to run one event, and I chose dodgeball,” said DiClementi. “I couldn’t be happier with the results and am glad that everyone had a great time. But more important than that, I’m glad we, as a school, got to raise over one thousand dollars to help children who need it the most.”

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If you can dodge traffic…