A year in Photos

A glance behind the magic of our school yearbooks.

Brooke Smith, Lifestyles Editor

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Football games, homecoming dances, senior trip, and prom. These are just some things that help make up all the wonderful memories of your high school experience. And the best part of making all these memories is getting to have them captured in a yearbook that you can look over for the rest of your life.

The woman in charge of creating the book that’s going to hold the special times of our 2016-2017 school year is Kirsten Smith. This is her first year as successor to William Hughes as head of The Musket.

“I really like her. She does a good job of making us all feel involved.” says Alexarea Campo ‘21

The year has started off fairly well. While they’ve mostly been organizing and scheduling things for later in the year, the members have already been teeming with ideas. This year’s theme has even already been decided: “You say goodbye, I say hello”.

“The students have a lot of input when it comes to making decisions. I want this to feel like their yearbook not mine.” says Smith.

By incorporating more student illustrations and highlighting different clubs and their members, The Musket staff bringing a more personal touch to the yearbook.

Making The Musket more unique to our school is not the only thing Smith is trying to accomplish this year. Some of her goals are to make superfluous changes, improve the presence of students’ work and, most importantly, to stay sane.

“It’s already starting to get crazy but I’m looking forward to seeing how everybody works as a team to incorporate illustrations and words. I’m excited to see how they approach it.”

It’s safe to say Smith and her students have been working hard to make this the greatest issue of The Musket yet, and The Musket staff invites anyone interested in documenting the history of their school to join. Meetings are held Wednesday’s at 2:15 in A1.

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A year in Photos