A dancer’s story

Morgan Macklin-Jones , Author

Maylyn Wilson walked into C-15 freshman year with high hopes about Dance I. With little dance experience she was not sure how she would find her place in the program. Three years later as a senior in the program dance has become her home. Each day she looks forward to walking into class, and learning new steps to improve. Dance has impacted her life, more than she ever knew it would.

Mid-November signifies excitement, and panic in the Township Dance Department, it is audition time. Every year the dance department holds auditions for our annual Township dance concert, these auditions are for our ensembles which are additional dances of all styles. The auditions are only open to students of Dance two through Dancer’s Studio.

As a professional audition would function it begins by signing in with a number, warming up, and then the choreographer teaches a short combination. They then perform in smaller groups in order for the choreographer to exam every dancer. Many times it is hard to tell what the choreographer wants for their dance, so it is important to listen to details, and perform your best.

Dance Department director Mrs. Christina Richardson said “I look for dancers who have great energy, work ethic, technique, expression, and the specific movement qualities I need for each style of choreography.”

Both Richardson, and Miss Eisa Jackson teach 5 classes of dance in varying levels. These instructors work long hours to educate, and prepare their students for auditions. They love to see when a dancer is working hard, and giving it their all.

Many of the dancers become anxious or nervous before an audition, it is nerve racking performing in front of the choreography as well as the other dancers.

Julia Griggs ’17 said “I get nervous because I always want to do my best to get into the ensemble that are my favorite styles”.

There is something about competing for the same spot as another dancer that brings out your drive.

Ensembles have become more than just extra rehearsals for the dancers. They have become a fun activity after school. Many dancers have a chance to meet new people within the dance program who are not in their class. Township dance has developed a comradery between the dancers.

Alexis Bythrow ’18 said “My favorite part of Township dance is meeting new dancers in the ensembles, by the time the dance concert comes around we are all so close!”.