Showcasing talent is S.U.R.E.’s thing

Mortal Godz preformed towards the end of the night. Coffeehouse took place on December 9th.

Mortal Godz preformed towards the end of the night. Coffeehouse took place on December 9th.

Theresa Arocena '17

Theresa Arocena '17

Mortal Godz preformed towards the end of the night. Coffeehouse took place on December 9th.

Bria Lamonica '17, Editor-in-Chief

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Hanging up the Christmas lights and preparing warm cups of coffee, President of SURE club Colin Lambe ’17 gets ready for a night to remember. With a set date of December 9th, SURE club’s annual Coffeehouse has a set list of special acts and skits prepared to make the night worthwhile.

With stand-up comedy, singing, dancing, poetry reading, and lots of snack and coffee, Coffeehouse is a heavily anticipated event that many clear their calendars for every year.

“We are doing a lot to get ready for this Coffeehouse, and I am really excited for it. We have more performers than we have ever had, and I hope we have a good turnout and many people join us for a night of fun.” Lambe ’17 said.

Members of the club organize the event so it resembles a talent-show atmosphere, with a set list of performers and a stage set up in the 9/10 cafeterias, they make the event as professional and realistic as possible.

“Coffeehouse is such a fun time! We have a great time organizing it and setting up, and I encourage everyone to come out and see what we do!” Club Member Adrienne Brookstein ’18 said.

Club Advisor Todd Oberholtzer takes much pride in his club and what it stands for. Oberholser said, “This year has been great. I love my kids and Coffeehouse is a much anticipated event during this time of the year.”

The purpose of the event is to bring students together and unite them, focusing on things they have in common and their special talents rather than their differences and varying interests.

Maggie Rielly ’18 said, “Coffeehouse is a great time to meet up with friends, and even get preforming experience you can use in college and for other activities. We have a really supportive group of people who are always encouraging students to sign up and show their peers what they can do.”

The SURE club (Students United for Respect and Equality) meets every Friday after school in room K-212 to prepare for Coffeehouse, and they usually hold “dress rehearsals” and a few practices before the event to make sure the night goes off without a hitch. Along with organizing Coffeehouse, the club also meets to discuss controversial sociological topics and goes on field trips throughout the year that relate to what the club stands for.

The next Coffeehouse will take place on March 17 and tickets will cost $5 to enter.

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Showcasing talent is S.U.R.E.’s thing