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Allyce Andricola shines for TWP gymnastics

Township gymnast Allyce Andricola placed third in this years Sectionals. She has been selected as captain for the 2017-18 season.

Township gymnast Allyce Andricola placed third in this years Sectionals. She has been selected as captain for the 2017-18 season.

Township gymnast Allyce Andricola placed third in this years Sectionals. She has been selected as captain for the 2017-18 season.

Ashley Bauer '18, Patriot staff writer

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Anyone who has ever met Allyce Andricola’18, knows how large a role gymnastics plays in her life. She started at the age of 7 and hasn’t stopped since. She has spent a decade perfecting her craft and has the accomplishments to show for it.

Andricola has individually won State and World Championships for the Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, and All-Around. In her career she has won over a hundred awards for gymnastics. In the prestigious, State and World Championships, Andricola has won Silver and Gold in 2010 and 2016 when she competed.

“My favorite [out of all the events] is definitely my floor routines because there is a lot of leeway to what you can do.”  Andricola said, “ Everyone is allowed to choose their own song and choreograph their routine, it allows for a lot of creativity and it’s just a lot of fun.”

Results like these do not happen overnight, Andricola has spent years training by practicing gymnastics multiple times a week for hours at a time. She has learned and trained at Rainbow Gymnastics and is now a member of the WTHS Gymnastics Team.

Although the Township Gymnastics Team is relatively unknown, they have a flawless record and remain undefeated on the conference level. Andricola has done exceptionally well in contributing to their success, placing second overall in their most recent meet. Allyce is amongst one

Andricola has been very zealous in advocating and promoting the team by encouraging students to attend meets and support their classmates.

Andricola said, “The reason why you should come to our meets, is because we work really hard, just as hard as any other sport. And it really does make us feel more confident because we are being supported for what we do and work really hard for.”

Though she already puts in over 12 hours a week training at Rainbow Gymnastics, Andricola puts in even more hours as an employee at Rainbow Gymnastics. She coaches younger gymnasts on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The job allows her to combine her two greatest passions- gymnastics and teaching.

“The reason why I coach is because I want to change other gymnasts’ lives like my coaches have changed mine. It’s a great satisfaction to see your students grow into their full potential,” Andricola explains.

In the future, Andricola hopes to pursue a career in teaching gymnastics or alternatively English. She plans on attending college at Rowan University. “I think that teaching is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but also the most rewarding.” Andricola said.

On top of all that, Andricola continues to excel academically. As a Renaissance gold card holder, she hopes to be inducted into National Honors Society this year.

Furthermore, Andricola is a member of the orchestra, and has been playing the violin since she was in the 3rd grade.  She really enjoys music, and is a member of the Tri-M Music Honors Society, particularly known for providing the bell music.

Andricola participates in quite a few clubs, some being Interact, Spanish and Debate. “It’s a lot of work, and I’m always busy, but I enjoy it.” Andricola said.

Despite all the things she does, Andricola still finds time to spend with her family and friends. Amongst them, is her little sister Julia ’20, who plans on following in her sister’s footsteps by joining the gymnastics team next year. Andricola who aspires to be one of the co-captains next year, is excited to have her sister join for her final year of high school.

Andricola, through her energy and passion, has continued to be devoted and hard working to every extent. Her love for gymnastics has driven her to excel in her sport. And if you are ever interested, there is always a chance to see her compete. As she probably will “never retire from gymnastics.” So, if you ever see Allyce in the hallway, feel free to ask when her next gymnastic meet is, she will be more than happy to tell you.

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