New counselor brings unique perspective to WTHS

Ava Scott '22, The Arts Editor

Washington Township High School’s newest counselor, Mr. Aaron Lemons, is no stranger to offering support to those in need.

This is Lemons’ first year working as a full- time school counselor. Prior to this, he served 20 years in the army. During his time, he and fellow veterans would console soldiers between the ages of 18-21. He later went on to acquire a yearlong internship working as a counselor in the Pennsauken school district. His leadership and advisory experience prepared him for the role of school counselor at WTHS.

“So far, it’s been a great transition into the school. Returning from the pandemic, I think that everyone is taking it slower, so it’s perfect for a new guy like me because I am picking up the pace better,” stated Lemons.

As the school year continues, Lemons is hoping to achieve the goals he has set for himself pertaining to the work he does with his students. He plans to educate them in Naviance and help prepare them for graduation by providing them with real life experiences, which includes preparing them for their secondary careers.

When it comes to personal goals, Lemons is hoping to build relationships with both staff and students. He also hopes to gain professional development.

Though Lemons has set these goals, he realizes there are going to be challenges in achieving them.

“The biggest challenge is not knowing what questions to ask right now. If you ask the right questions, you get the right information,” Lemons claimed. “I must be prepared to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable.”

While Lemons loves his job, he also has several hobbies, and he enjoys the free time he has to do those activities. He loves DIY home projects, eating at different food places, and indulging in football games.

One day, he aspires to become a coach for the football or basketball team here at the high school.

Lemons, overall, is very excited for the year, he is excited to learn about his students and fellow staff members. He is prepared to take on the challenges of this year.