How WTHS students are reacting to the PRIDE schedule

Gianna Casella '22

On Monday April 26th, Washington Township High School implemented the new PRIDE schedule. This schedule consists of a morning and afternoon rotating wheel, during which  students attend three one hour classes. Students attend a different rotation of classes each day during a four-day cycle. Students are adjusting to this change, but many have differing opinions about it.

WTHS junior Allison Siravo said, “I really like the new lunch period, it gives me time to relax with my friends. I do miss the same eight classes everyday though since that made the day go by faster and give me more consistency.”

During a normal school year with the previous full day schedule, many students went through their day without a lunch, so the Unit Lunch that students have now with the PRIDE schedule is something that is new to a lot of people.

Many freshmen, although new to the building, are easily adapting to this schedule since it is a chance to find alternative routes to their classes and their way around campus. Freshman Connor Caffrey said, “As a first-year student, it was confusing but overall was easy to adapt to and something I really like.”

Students who have remained fully remote this entire year have also had some differing opinions on the new schedule. Senior Kaylee Luckiewicz said, “It’s just hard. Everything continues to change constantly and it’s hard to keep up with it.”

Junior Ryan Igielski said, “It’s a bit much for the end of the year, especially as a remote kid.” Ryan went onto say that he thinks it’s a step in the right direction regardless of the late start.