Ms. Abigail Hull: New Washington Township School Counselor

Jessica Wei '23

Washington Township High School recently welcomed Ms. Abigail Hull, who was hired to fill the open position in the counseling department after the retirement of Mrs. Judy Nelson.

Ms. Hull was kind enough to take the time to share some of what her life was like before becoming a counselor. Growing up, she had a passionate interest in writing and aspired to become an author.

Hull said, “I remember thinking to myself, I would really love to be one of these authors, all these kids are reading books and I could write stories. I used to write them all the time.” And even now as a school counselor, Hull has not forgotten her dream and said, “When I got older, I never really abandoned that idea, but I realized that often times, authors just don’t become authors by just writing. They have other careers and then they become authors. So what should I do in the meantime before I become an author?”

The “meantime” has been busy ever since Ms. Hull’s first job the day she turned sixteen. After working numerous retail positions at the mall and then three waitressing jobs, Hull moved on to bartending and counseling which she continues to do today. Before working at the high school, she worked at Bells Elementary School and was a long-term substitute for the counselor there. Ms. Hull is thankful for her previous jobs because, “…they all gave me lots of valuable experiences and lessons that got me to where I am.”

The inspiration that brings Ms. Hull pure happiness as a school counselor starts with her students. “I could potentially change some student’s experience with what the counselor could do and what they could take away from it. My lack of interaction with my counselor was a driving point… I always found joy and happiness in helping others and doing what I can to help them.”

Not only are the students Ms. Hull’s source of happiness, but she also said, “Everyone has been so thoughtful, welcoming, kind, and genuinely sweet. It has been such a refreshing experience.”

Ms. Hull also went deeper into the duties of school counselors saying “We’re not just guidance counseling, you also go to a counselor to talk about careers, your social/emotional status, anything that might be bothering you… We want to help/advise students in how they can better help themselves and how we can be in support of that effort.”

The advice Ms. Hull wants all students to know is, “to set many goals. Whether it’d be today I’m going to brush my hair. Little tiny goals like just getting to Friday. And when you get to Friday you get to reward yourself with some free time. Then, set yourself long-term goals like what you’re going to be doing this time next year.” She says she has been doing this for years and it has benefitted her greatly. Her favorites are, “When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars” – Oscar Wilde and “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” – Mark Twain.