76ers 2020 Offseason Additions


Charles Fox, Philadelphia Inquirer

New addition Seth Curry in preseason play.

Jackson McCrae '23, Writer

During the offseason, the 76ers made several personnel changes, which shifted the future landscape in Philly. General Manager Daryl Morey, a new addition himself, brought in many talented players, which has led many to wonder how the newest additions will fit into Philadelphia with so much talent already on the team. With the start of the season looming, the 76ers have a lot to figure out and little time to do so.


Seth Curry, Guard

Seth Curry is a 6’2”, 185-pound guard who the 76ers acquired in a trade from the Dallas Mavericks. Curry averaged 12.4 PPG in 24.6 minutes per game last year. However, those numbers don’t tell the whole story. Curry shot an astounding 45.2% from three last year and has shot 44.3% from three in his career, good for second all-time in 3PT%, only behind Steve Kerr. However, Curry’s most impressive stat is not his three-point percentage, but the fact that for such

an outstanding three-point shooter, the majority of his shots are around the rim, and he is most efficient in that area, which not many other great shooters can do. Curry will likely start at the shooting guard position and make a giant impact for the 76ers with his offensive versatility.

Dwight Howard, Center

Dwight Howard is a 6’10”, 265-pound center, who the 76ers acquired from free agency on a veteran’s minimum contract. Howard, a fifteen-year veteran, spent last year on the Los Angeles Lakers, where he averaged 7.5 PPG and 7.3 RPG in only 18.9 minutes per game. Howard was a large part of the Lakers championship run, on both the offensive and defensive ends. While Howard is a talented player, he will see a backup role behind star Joel Embiid. Howard is well known for his flashy dunks and powerful play from his time as a member of the Orlando Magic, but his game has changed as he’s gotten older. He is still a rim runner, great out of the pick and roll, and he is still adept at catching lobs. However, one issue is the fact that he is only effective around the paint. 96.8% of Howard’s shots came from around the rim, though he is highly efficient from that area, shooting 73.1%, well above the league average of 58.1%. With so many great finishers on the team already, many are curious to see if Howard can really carve out a role for himself in the Sixers rotation.

Danny Green, Guard/Forward

Danny Green is a 6’6”, 215-pound guard/forward who the 76ers acquired from the Thunder, who acquired him from the Lakers. Green averaged 8 PPG and 1.2 SPG, in 24.8 minutes per game. Green was also a member of the Lakers championship team last year. Green is an accomplished shooter, shooting 40% from three over the course of his career. Green’s role on the team is in limbo, as it unclear whether he will start, or he will be the backup to Matisse Thybulle or Shake Milton. Either way, his shooting will make a difference. He can shoot well (averaging 36.7% from three last season) and isn’t afraid to do so (69% of his shots were threes). Shooting was lacking for the 76ers last year, so the addition of Green should have a positive impact on the Sixers, even if it’s coming from a bench role.

Terrance Ferguson Guard/Forward

Terrance Ferguson is a 6’6”, 190-pound guard/forward who the 76ers acquired from the Thunder in the trade which included Danny Green. Ferguson averaged 3.9 PPG in 22.4 minutes per game last year. While he doesn’t have eye popping numbers, Ferguson is still young, and a defensive minded player, which fits into the Sixers scheme. However, Ferguson has proven to be inefficient to this point, only shooting 35.5% from the field and 29.2% from three, both well below the league average. Ferguson will likely see little time on the 76ers roster and may even

spend some time playing with the Blue Coats, the Sixers G-League affiliate, but he is a valuable trade piece and a player who could grow into something special.

Vincent Poirier, Forward/Center

Vincent Poirier is a 7’0”, 235-pound forward/center who the 76ers acquired from the Thunder in the trade that included Danny Green and Terrance Ferguson. Poirier averaged 1.9 PPG in 5.9 minutes per game. He did shoot 47.2% from the field, but these are skewed numbers as he only had 36 field goal attempts all season Poirier is a 27-year-old, second year player, which is concerning, as he is entering his prime with little experience. Poirier will either be a 2-way player, which means he will split time between the G-League and 76ers active roster and will likely contribute very little.

Tony Bradley, Center

Tony Bradley is a 6’10”, 248-pound center who the 76ers acquired in an incomprehensible trade from the Pistons. The 76ers, having already acquired Poirier and Howard, decided to move their 2018 first round pick, Zhaire Smith, in exchange for Bradley. Smith, who has been plagued by injuries, has never been given much of a chance on the big stage, but still had tremendous upside and is a player worth keeping. Bradley averaged 4.9 PPG and 4.6 RPG in 11.4 minutes per game. One upside of Bradley is his efficiency, as he shot 66.7% from the field in 189 attempts. Bradley is a post player with 93.7% of his shots coming from around the rim. He is also a solid short mid-range shooter, as he shot above the league average from that part of the floor. Bradley will likely see third-string center minutes, behind Embiid and Howard, and most of his contributions will likely occur in garbage time.