Having a fun holiday while social distancing

Marissa Lucca '22 , Writer

The holidays may look a bit different this year, but it is still possible to have a good time. Decorating early, making gingerbread houses, and watching movies are a few ideas that will help make the holidays something to remember. Playing games outdoors and roasting marshmallows are some thoughts too. Whether gathering inside or out, one should consider these tips and safety precautions to have a fun, safe holiday.

Safety Tips

· Wear masks while not eating

· Set up tables 6’ apart

· Keep it small/safe

· Provide hand sanitizer

· Have one person serve food to avoid spreading germs

· Individually wrap food items or platters

· Maintain social distancing guidelines

· Shop Cyber Monday deals instead of shopping in stores

· Watch sporting events on zoom with friends instead of gathering in person

Outdoor Festivities

· Use heat lamps

· Encourage guests to bring blankets/hats/gloves

· Hang lights in dark areas of backyard

· Eat outside if the weather permits

· Watch movies with a projector

· Roast marshmallows around a fire