New Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Stephanie Taraschi


Thomas Tait '22

Ms. Taraschi poses in the Auxiliary Gym. She teaches PE on the 9/10 side of the school.

Guanyi Cao '21, Features Editor

WTHS is excited to welcome Ms. Stephanie Taraschi, who has recently joined the faculty as a tenth grade Physical Education & Health teacher.

Prior to moving to Township, Taraschi lived in Glassboro for three years, right on the border between the two towns. She taught at Paulsboro High School for four years and then Kingsway Regional High School for another four years.

“This is my ninth year teaching,” Taraschi says. “I worked at another district before, and I realized I wanted a family-oriented place to work. I wanted to be involved in the community, so this was an awesome opportunity for me to become a member of the community, as well as being able to teach here and watch everybody grow.”

Taraschi also indicated her excitement in becoming a new coach; she was recently Board-approved to be an assistant softball coach, which will begin in the Spring.

Outside of school, Taraschi leads an active life: she enjoys going to the gym and playing other sports. She also has an interest in calligraphy, and some of her work can be seen on the board outside the girls’ locker room in the 9-10 Auxiliary Gym.

An outgoing and energetic person, Taraschi also shared a fun fact about herself: “I was class clown in high school,” she reveals, laughing.

Finally, she expressed her desire to stay at Township for years to come. “I absolutely love it here,” she remarked. “Everybody is so helpful, the kids are great, my co-workers are helpful, the administration is great- I’m very excited to be here.”

“I wanted to find something to be my home for the rest of my career,” she adds, “And this is definitely it.”