Shore you’re ready for prom weekend?

Bria Lamonica, Editor

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Every year we hear 3 letters blurt out of kids mouths when the weather gets nice, MDW. Is it really worth it, all the lease signing, cramming into a bed with 3 people, long parent conversations, and money? MDW isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be, and the possibility for disaster can reign over you like a dark cloud constantly over your head, ruining your perfect weekend.

In the past few years, Memorial Day Weekend has turned from a relaxing few days to remember and reflect, into a teen-infested New Jersey coast filled with untrusting landlords, underage drinking, and a LOT of partying.

What happened to the innocent fun of Memorial Day, playing games on the beach and throwing a football around with your family while your dad grills hotdogs? The once family-oriented, celebratory holiday has been altered by the new generation of teenagers, always looking for a chance, and a reason to party. Even if it’s during a weekend that’s supposed to be about remembering the ones we love.

When telling my parents about MDW last year, they asked me what “MDW” stood for. Most parents have no idea that Memorial Day Weekend is now a short-beach vacation for teens all across the country. Some view this generation of teens is so obsessed with partying, that no one cares what its for. No one recognizes the fact that it’s for a reason, and not just an extended weekend meant for teens to party and make mistakes down the shore.

“ I remember going down the shore with my friends and staying at someone’s parents house and having innocent fun, going to the beach and out to dinner and just having a good time, playing board games and watching 80’s movies,” Concerned parent Linette Hice said. “We never had to worry about the dangers that come along with this weekend now, the drinking and driving, the crimes committed. It has been blown way out of proportion.”

Getting together a group of friends and shelling out the money they have saved to rent a house can be exciting. Signing the lease, picking rooms, buying new bathing suits, and even bringing an older sibling who is old enough to drink. Even though most of the time this is what happens, just a fun, and stress-free weekend, in some cases the party comes to an early end with police cars, angry landlords, or surprise visits from parents.

“MDW isn’t what it used to be, a time for friends and family to go to the beach and enjoy the nice weather that starts the summer. Now, the weekend is overrun by thousands of teens who are drinking, destroying property, and lying to their parents.” Sam Morad ‘17

As a carefree, “yolo” generation of teens, we have to be careful. Celebrating our youth and what it means to be in high school is one thing, but it is often taken too far, and too often do people end up hurt because of it.

“I’m looking forward to it, but also nervous because of everything that has happened down the shore. Township kids especially have been known to cause trouble and left to pay fines and consequences for the damages they have caused.” Emily Faust ‘17

A word to the wise from experienced MDW pros, be careful. Rent shore houses with responsible friends you trust. Most teens believe that it’s possible to have fun, and a good time, without hurting yourself or others. Parents don’t want a phone call in the middle of the night from the police, and they don’t want to be left paying $500 in fines for the trouble and damage you have caused.

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Shore you’re ready for prom weekend?