Life of Ryan Jobes ’19

Mike Renzulli '18, Patriot staff writer

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Meet Ryan Jobes, sophomore at Washington Township High School. As a soccer player, Jobes has big plans for the future and is doing all necessary things in order for him to reach all of his lifelong goals. Jobes plays on a club team for soccer and he mentioned that

“We used to be average, then they brought in better players who turned us into an elite team. The people around me made me better.”

His club team became state champions in 2015, which is a day that he will never forget. He has been playing soccer for 10 years and plans on continuing playing through high school. After high school, Jobes’ plans on achieving greatness don’t stop there. He plans on playing professional soccer and by achieving that goal Jobes plans on attending a division one or two college.

Some colleges that he would consider going to would include Drexel, Rutgers New Brunswick, and Rowan University. Although these are his top picks, Jobes would really like to go to a college not too far away from home, preferably a college located in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Ryan is also a very versatile athlete. Although soccer is his main sport, he also enjoys playing basketball and considers playing tennis in the near future.

In order to reach his future Jobes knows that he must put in work now, especially in school.

“I’m smarter than most people think I am” Ryan Jobes is a stellar student who carries A’s and B’s in all of his classes, and as far as high school is concerned, Jobes says, “I think it’s a good experience but I don’t like all of the schoolwork.”

However, all students have their downfalls and Jobes admits that sometimes he can lack in school sometimes.

“Sometimes I wait until the last minute to do my work when I should have done it earlier.”

Jobes’ favorite subject in school is English and he very much enjoys writing stories a lot on his own about sports and different events that take place. Along with enjoying his freedom to write, Jobes also enjoys drawing and practicing sports on his own. He said, “I always give my best at what I’m doing”.

As much as we know about Ryan Jobes there is more to him than just a student athlete. He would describe himself as a friendly, athletic, and determined person. Jobes finds motivation in getting better everyday and working hard to get better with the tasks that he does on a daily basis.


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Life of Ryan Jobes ’19