Life through a camera lense

Julianna Ford

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With over 8,000 subscribers on YouTube, she is a growing sensation. Lisa Holleran ‘18 has been working hard on her YouTube career for nearly 4 years. She has worked with several companies to boost her following and her hard work and dedication throughout the years is reflected in each video.

Lisa, who goes by “Lisa Beverly” on social media, has over 1,000 followers on Instagram and posts almost every week what she is up to. I would describe her bubbly and warm-hearted personality as contagious, which is one of the reasons she is so popular with viewers.

Holleran began making YouTube videos four years ago, but started out only as a crafting channel. She was limited with her film making because at the time she did not wish to appear on camera.

She had always enjoyed film from a young age and knew YouTube would be the perfect outlet for her creative mindset. She began changing the content of her videos to more beauty and lifestyle videos about a year later. She now appears on camera and posts videos like makeup tutorials, hauls, look books, and, more recently, vlogs. “I’m trying to branch out,” Lisa said, “I want to experiment with my channel and try new things.”

Her parents are often the ones taking her to locations to film and accompanying her on frequent trips to New York for different filming or acting opportunities Holleran has.

Holleran does a good job at making her channel diverse and strives for a broader viewership. She states, “I would describe my channel as fun because I’m always traveling to places to help make my content more “lifestyle” and “relatable for viewers.”

As Holleran first started out on YouTube, she looked up to people like, Bethany Mota, a sensation on the internet with over 10 million subscribers. As her interests have changed, she now gets inspired people by “RclBeauty”, who makes beauty and lifestyle videos similar to Holleran’s. She also looks up to vloggers on YouTube, such as Casey Neistat, who is a well-known daily vlogger.

Holleran has recently posted videos of her vlogging, hoping that will help expand her channel to bigger audiences and make her channel seem “more personal.

“I try to stray away from the typical beauty guru channel,” Holleran said.

She describes her favorite social media as YouTube because, “there’s so many different categories that appeal to different audiences.”

A channel she often keeps up with is “Buzzfeed.” It’s a dream of hers to film with “Buzzfeed” or “RclBeauty.” Eventually, she hopes to have enough recognition to film in the “YouTube Space,” which is where you can have a production team and your videos professionally edited.

YouTube has boosted Holleran’s confidence over the years she says. The positive feedback and loyal fans are appreciative of the hard work that goes into every video.

Along with YouTube, Holleran is also an aspiring actress. She visits New York frequently for job opportunities in this field. Recently, she just filmed the lead in a short film for NYU as an older sister character. Holleran also is performing in a play in Manhattan called, “Halloween Dessert” as a lead role. This will be Holleran’s first play and she is excited for the new experience.

Holleran has worked with many independent films before and throughout the years she has said she had very few experiences with rude or stereotypical people in the entertainment business. She said it’s easy to become selfish and rude in this business and says many people only care about themselves. Holleran said, “I love what I’m doing right now and my career path, but I can see how easy it is for people to become greedy and self- centered in this business.” She once did background for a film and describes the director as rude towards anyone who wasn’t a main character.

After high school, Holleran plans to live in an urban area such as New York, California, or Miami, with no worries of being far from her home in Washington Township. She’s looking into schools with good fashion and film programs so she is able to study that. Hopefully, one day in the future, she states, she’ll live in California full-time and continue her YouTube career, but become more known as a daily vlogger. She is anxious to graduate and begin her career with many dreams for her future.

Holleran, though grateful for her opportunities, says it is hard at times to keep up with school. She’s sad to miss homecoming this year for the first time for an upcoming project. She also states, she’s had to miss other events such as Monzo Madness in the past. Even though, it’s tough to miss important events like that, Holleran is appreciative and knows her sacrifices and dedication will pay off. Ultimately, she hopes to work in a blockbuster movie and attend the Oscars.

You can check out Lisa Holleran’s videos on YouTube at “Lisa Beverly” and she also has a PO box you can send things to for her, as well. Holleran knows her subscribers know her well, but states, “I wish people knew how much effort I’m putting into my career every day.” Her crammed schedule and many jobs make Holleran more grateful every day for her career path.

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Life through a camera lense