Donna Pancari, not your average teacher

Nicolette Murdock, Patriot Staff Writer

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Ms. Donna Pancari is the happiest teaching in Washington Township High School. Being a teacher you have the job to shape young brains to be more educated and that’s what she does.

When she was younger she did not originally want to be a teacher, she wanted to be a journalist. The idea of being a teacher came from her father because he found a scholarship that would get her through college to become an English teacher. Even though this wasn’t ideal for her she continued to do it anyway.

Through the process of studying and shadowing other teachers, Pancari realized this was for her. She said, “The first day I walked in for student teaching, I knew it was what I wanted to do.”

Her dad pushed her to be who she is today because he always had high expectations and he had no doubt that she would meet them. She said she is somewhat envious of her younger siblings who did not have to live up to the same paternal expectations. But she is glad that her father pushed her as hard as he did because she would not be who she is today without her dad.


Pancari is the adviser of Students Against Violation of the Environment/Earth(SAVE) club at WTHS. What drove her to be so caring towards the environment all started back when she was in high school. Her parents always ate organically because they enjoyed the food much more than regular food. She did not originally like the idea of eating in such a way but as she got older she decided that’s how she wants to eat. Also eating organic made her care about the environment because of how people treat it.

In ten years she hopes to be still teaching in WTHS. She said, “I hope to be still teaching in J 209 but I hope to have windows in here.”

As students we don’t think of teachers having a life, when in reality they do. The craziest thing she has ever done was going black water rafting in New Zealand. Black water rafting is just like white water rafting but on (underground or subterranean) rivers. She thought it was a great experience but scary at the same time.

Holidays are a big part of our culture and her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. She loves being with her family and how lovely all the food is presented.

School in general is very important as you are growing up because you learn a lot from school experiences. Pancari loved high school but wasn’t too fond of elementary or middle school because her parents moved her into Catholic school when she loved public school.

She said “I did make friends, but unfortunately many students were more focused on how much money your family had than who you were as a person.”

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Donna Pancari, not your average teacher