Hula dancing the night away

Seniors kick off the year with first dance

Bria Lamonica, Editor-in-chief

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Walking into a sea of friendly faces surrounded by leis, Hawaiian shirts, and Christmas lights, the Washington Township senior class attended their first senior event of the year, Senior Kick Off. As part of the TWP tradition, every year the student council holds a themed dance for seniors to start off the school year. This year, the Senior Kick Off Dance was held on Sep. 7 in Quay Way.

The dance was Hawaiian themed, and everyone dressed the part. Walking in to a lit up luau, students flashed their IDs and for $5  jumped in to the tropical oasis. Candy and drinks were provided to students as they took pictures with the decorative frames set up around the campus, talked with friends, listened to the dj, or danced the night away.

Student council members arrived early at 5pm to help set up for the dance, and even handed out leis for the students as they walked in at 7pm.

“ Setting up went really well, and we really turned Quay Way into a luau! The leis were an added touch, and it was a lot of fun. It was such a great way to kick off senior year,” Student Council member Jenna Dean ’17 said.

Much of the class recollected with old friends, while reveling in the moment and enjoying the dance.

“It was so much fun. It finally is setting in that this was our first senior event, and that soon we will be out in the real world. We have to make memories while we still can,” Jack Cahill ’17 said.

Once the sun set and the air cooled off, people danced and enjoyed the beautiful night, meeting new people and getting to know others in their grade.

“I loved spending that time with our class, everyone was in one place. I met knew people who I had never even seen before, and saw others who I haven’t talked to in years,” Kaeley Bogan ’17 said, “It really made me excited for the rest of the senior dances and events, and reminded me that the year is going to go by quick!”

Many of the Seniors dressed the part in Hawaiian shirts and flowy tropical clothing, even some hula skirts made appearances throughout the night, giving everyone a fun chance to dress up and be with the rest of the class.

“I was really impressed with this year’s senior class. Everyone dressed up in their festive shirts and clothing, it really added to the luau theme, Student Council Co-Advisor, Ms. Brittany Mason said. “It made it a lot of fun and a great dance.”

The dance was held from 7-10 and was a way to get the class together and spend the night dancing and connecting with each other.  With over 200 students attending and one of the biggest turnouts ever for the dance, the positive reactions have class council optimistic about the year ahead.

Jenna Dean said, “ I am very excited for the other events and for the rest of the year.”


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