Renaissance television series intrigues the audience

Adrienne Brookstein, Managing Editor

Are you interested in a TV show about love, scandalous affairs, and the extravagant life of royalty?  If you’re interested in a show about political intrigue, love triangles, or the struggle for power and dominance against the backdrop of a changing world.  In the television series Reign (CW Fridays 8PM), Mary Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane) is ruling two countries, fighting off the Brits, and somehow balancing her own love life on top of everything else.

Queen Mary is wed to King Francis II (Toby Regbo), and quickly falls in love with him and his home country. Although love is something that Mary has always wanted, she still has to stay aware in her foreign surroundings. Mary is constantly faced with spies, traitors, and enemies that are trying to steal away her thrown.

Reign is set in the 16th century, and mostly follows the historical events that had taken place in

Queen Mary’s lifetime. The show itself has a continuous storyline, and always keeps the audience on the edges of their seats. The fast paced lives of the modernized historical monarchs are upbeat, classy, and adventurous. The monarchs are constantly forming and breaking alliances, and falling in and out of love at the drop of a hat. .

The writer and executive producer of the show, Laurie McCarthylaims to always attempt to follow the key elements of the story, yet believes that it is interesting to throw minor plot twists into the overall tale. McCarthy is also known to create characters in the TV show that never truly existed in history, such as Sebastian as King Henry II of France’s illegitimate son. Sebastian plays a pivotal role throughout the show as King Francis’s older brother, and friend to Mary. Although these created character(s) may not have actually existed in history, they add an interesting element of fantasy and mystery into the exciting tale of love, heartbreak, and strength.

The show’s target audience is teenage girls, yet it often appeals to people of all ages. Reign incorporates humanity into the history of the actual events. Some of the series main conflicts center around Great Britain attempting to steal  power from its surrounding nations. The main target of Great Britain’s ambition is Scotland, and the writers recently began to incorporate Queen Elizabeth’s story into the show. The two Queen’s are currently battling for dominance around the world, while striving to appear the model of innocence to their beloved followers. The story also focuses on the religious turmoil of the Reformation.

The series, filmed mainly in Toronto, is entering its third season. The leading lady, Adelaide Kane is Australian. While the King of France, Toby Regbo is British along with the majority of the cast.

The disciplined actors in the show truly portray the lives of twisted monarchs who are obsessed by love, greed, and passion. The costumes and dialects add an element of authenticity.

The costume designer, Meredith Markworth-Pollack brilliantly clothes each of the actors. The costumes are timeless and beautiful, and fit the scenes and personalities of the characters perfectly. Reign has been noticed by numerous people because of their stunning costumes. Pollack has previously worked on the sets of Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl.

Although the costumes reflect the style of the 16th century royalty, the music that is often firmly 21st century. Chart toppers such as Sam Smith’s Stay With me and Bastille’s Pompeii have set lovely moods for the audience to feel assimilated into this distant time period.

Reign can be found on the CW and is on Friday nights at 8pm. It’s easy to start watching this historical drama at any given time, and be able to follow the story. It is a show that hooks the audience and one with which it is easy to fall in love.