Kelsey Newton


What is the charity you chose to represent?  

The Puppy Mill Project because these animals are being abused and overbred, which can lead to some serious health complications. My dog was from a puppy mill, and I know countless other people who have dogs from puppy mills. Chances are if you bought your dog from a pet store, it was from a puppy mill.  

Why do you best represent WTHS? 

I am a student athlete who understands the responsibility of teamwork and time management. I am a part of German club and Interact, and I respect my peers and in return receive respect.  

What is your favorite pick-up line? 

Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got fine written all over you.  

If you could pick anyone beside yourself to win, who would it be? 

Julia Lyons because she is one of my friends who never fails to make me laugh.   

Favorite food? 


Favorite movie? 

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith  

Favorite music artist? 


What has been your most embarrassing moment at WTHS? 

One of my friend’s teachers thought I was her and started talking to me and I just played along with it.  

What has been one of the most memorable aspects of your high school experience? 

When I was a freshman playing my first varsity game on senior night and having my name announced the next day on the morning announcements by Mr. Strout.  

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 

I would take away my Lyme disease because it’s quite annoying.  

If you could change one thing about the world you live in, what would it be? 

If I could change one thing in the world it would be that animal abuse does not exist.  

What advice would you give to underclassmen about high school? About life? 

Study hard and make lots of friends because it can lead you to places you never thought possible. Something I would say about life is to not rush it, and make the most of your teenage years.  

What are your plans and goals for after high school? 

Go to college in Florida, play soccer in college, study and major in Neuroscience, and travel the world.  

What teacher or faculty member has made the biggest impact on your high school career? 

Coach Sachs, not only because she is an amazing coach, but she saw potential in me and gave me an opportunity to show her what I could do on the field, and in doing so it got me to where I am today.  

Who in your life has had the biggest influence on you? 

My mom because she has shown me all the things I know, she’s at all of my soccer games, and wants me to be happy and successful in my life.  

What did you learn from the pandemic? 

To trust in the universe, because sometimes we may think we are in a bad situation, but it actually turned out to be for the better.  

What is one thing you cannot live without? 

My best friend Lexi Graff because she has been there for me and is the best friend anyone could ask for.  

What is something about you that most people do not know? 

I play for a semi-pro soccer team called the Philadelphia Lone Stars.  

Describe yourself in three words: 

Kind, Smart, and Passionate  

If you could bring one person, thing, and appliance to a deserted island, what would it be? 

I would bring my best friend Lexi, a karaoke machine, and a solar panel charged microwave. I would bring Lexi and a karaoke machine because it would be super fun to have karaoke parties all day, everyday, and I would bring a solar panel charged microwave so I don’t accidentally set things on fire while trying to cook things.  

What has been the best part about being on the Homecoming Court? 

Everyone supporting the fact that I should be on it. All of my friends and teachers were extremely supportive, and it makes me feel so happy.  

What animal do you most identify with? 

Dolphins because I love the ocean, but also because dolphins often go out of their way to avoid situations that might bring them conflict with others.